Etiquettes of reading Quran

Etiquettes of reading Quran

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | Etiquettes of reading Quran


Etiquettes of reading Quran When you start reading Quran you should be clean, to proceed to the Qibla, use Siwak as the prophet (PUH) always did. Muslim who is reading Quran should feel humble and submissive while reading. He should not be distracted by anything and should focus on reading the Quran.  Also he should try to know the meanings of the words of the Quran, know the stories in it, and the examples it includes.

Seeking to learn Quran

You as Muslim should search for Islamic centers or Masjids to know how to read and memorize Quran. If it’s difficult for you to find Masjids or Islamic centers in your country, so do not worry because you can find a lot of Islamic centers online. You can learn Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies online. You just need things that are available nowadays in every house. You just need internet access, laptop or tablet, and an account on Skype, zoom, or hangout. It’s not difficult now to learn Quran, to know the meaning and rules it includes and to follow the prophet (PUH) who was a Quran walking on ground (Peace and blessings be upon him and his companions. You have another benefit from learning online, you will not be afraid of time-wasting, because you can set times that can meet your schedule. You can learn Arabic and Quran from Arabic native speaker teachers who will help you learn Quran properly, and you will be able to read Quran as close as possible to the prophet’s (PUH) reading.

Learning Quran and Arabic online

Do not miss the chance and enroll your name at our academy Al-Azhar Quran teaching, and learn Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies online with the most qualified teachers who will help you to perfect reading Quran and become a Hafiz.


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