Egyptian Quran Teachers to learn quran online

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching |  Egyptian Quran Teachers to learn quran online

 Egyptian Quran Teachers   

  Many new Muslims want to learn Quran and to learn about their religion, Islam. So, they are always seeking for finding qualified Quran teachers, unfortunately, most of them are in non-Arab countries so they have limited Quran teachers. And, there are many regions that have no Quran teachers at all, that is what brings the idea of Online Quran learning. 


Al-Azhar Quran Teaching |  Egyptian Quran Teachers to learn quran online

  There are many online platforms and online academies that provide online learning for Quran and Islamic studies, so now new Muslims can learn Quran easily at home. 

  Now it is time to choose teachers, online learning classes provide many teachers and an unlimited number of Quran teachers, so, students can choose whoever, to be educated by.

 Most Quran teachers are Egyptian teachers, many Egyptians learn English and study Islamic studies, so they have a very good accent, if it is not fluent Also, they have a great background in Islamic studies because they have studied it before in Al Azhar, Al Azhar is in Egypt, it educates all the students about everything related to Islam.

 That makes Egyptian Quran teachers are the most required in teaching Quran all over the world not only because of their knowledge of Islamic studies and English accent but also their background and their culture of their native language, Arabic. Many new Muslims seek for learning Arabic and learning how to pronounce Arabic letters in Quran as Quran is in Arabic.

  What distinguishes Egyptian Quran teachers from the other Quran teachers?

 Egyptian Quran teachers have a great knowledge of three things:

  1.  English accent which is the most well-known among the students all over the world, students interact with Quran teachers by the English language. So, the Egyptian Teachers mostly are very good at English to be qualified in such a job.
  2. Islamic studies, Egyptian teachers have great knowledge in the Islamic studies as we mentioned before, they have studied it in Al Azhar.
  3.  Their native language is Arabic. Many new Muslims want to learn the language of the Quran to understand Quran at first and to be good in the language of Islam, so, Egyptian Quran teachers can easily teach them Arabic because it is their native language.

By Egyptian Quran teachers, students can read many Arabic books to understand more about Islam. 

 Many Arabic books are not available in any language but Arabic. They will practice Arabic every time they have a session with the Egyptian teachers.

  Egyptian Quran teachers educate their student’s general background of Islam

They provide the students with some truth about Islam and Islamic practices.

Egyptian Quran teachers mostly specialize in Islamic studies 

They understand how to teach students and how to provide Islamic teachings and practices for the new Muslims and foreign students.

What do Egyptian Quran teachers provide in there are lessons?

  1. They teach students about Quran and educate them on how to memorize it, they focus on memorizing until the student finishes it verse by verse and Surah by Surah.
  2.  Students will study the alphabet, the Arabic alphabet to learn how to pronounce words and the Holy Quran.
  3. They will also study Tajweed, maybe not the whole rules of Tajweed but they will study the required rules to know how to pronounce words and sounds in the Arabic language.

  Through Egyptian Quran Teachers, the students will know some general things about the Arabic culture and the Arabic language. Reading Arabic and reciting Quran which is in Arabic too it is so difficult for the new Muslims and non-Ara but by the Quran lessons, they will work on reading Arabic and reciting it correctly. They will not only understand the Arabic language but they will be fluent. Because Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran which was revealed by Allah to our prophet Muhammad.

  What are the benefits of learning the Quran?

  Quran is Allah’s words, it is a sacred book, Allah revealed it to His prophet Muhammad, so, we as Muslims must learn it and as much as we can, we should practice it daily. Quran leads us to Jannah.

  All Muslim men or women are obliged to learn Quran. So, new Muslims have to start learning Quran and learn about the Islamic teachings. Also, kids should start learning Quran at an early age to get used to practicing it correctly.

Allah says in His book “read. in the name of your Lord who has created all that exists.”

When Allah revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad, the first word was read.

 Quran reciting, reading and learning is so important and have great importance for us, not only for reading or for learning Quran generally no. it is so important for all Muslims life; for example, reading Surah al Mulk daily before going to bed has a great benefit to the Muslim. It saves the Muslims from punishment in the grave and our prophet Muhammad recommended it to us.

 The most interesting thing in Quran lessons is that it is not only for reading or reciting or to learn how to read and how to recite only no, it is also for understanding, understand each meaning of each word students memorize. it is so important for every Muslim to understand the meaning of each verse he or she memorizes. The teachers are responsible for explaining the meaning of the Holy Quran to students because we must know the meaning of the Quran to understand the idea or the advice or the morals of anything Allah says it His and his book Quran.

  Quran is not for reading only, it is for education. It educates the Muslim and the community and the whole world actually. Allah puts many laws, regulations, and steps that we should follow to have a peaceful and great world.

  Allah tells us in his book how to treat people and how to be a good son and good parents. Allah teaches us many things personally and generally, that’s why all Muslims must understand the meaning of Allah’s book.

  Finally, Egyptian Quran Teachers can provide the students with the best Quran material to memorize it, to understand its meaning, and to recite it as Allah asks us to do as He says in the Holy Quran “and recite it with Tarteel”

So, Allah asks us to recite Quran with full understanding of each sound in it.

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