Corona Virus and Islam

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Corona Virus and Islam

Coronavirus is new (CoV) when it arises from a new strain of coronavirus. The disease caused by the new coronavirus, which first appeared in Wuhan, China, was called Coronavirus 2019 ( COVID-19 ) – the English name for the disease is derived as follows: “CO” are the first two letters of the word corona, and “VI “They are the first two letters of the word virus,” and “D” is the first letter of the word disease. This disease was previously called “2019 novel coronavirus” or “2019-nCoV”. Covid-19 is a new virus that is associated with the same family of viruses as the virus that causes SARS and some common colds.

Is the Coronavirus a punishment from God? God’s punishment?

Multiple comments on social networks and the internet, in general, have made us see that, regardless of our beliefs, we all feel somewhat concerned about the coronavirus. However, in the Muslim community, we observe something quite curious. But is this true? Are diseases like coronavirus a punishment from God?
While on the one hand prayers for the victims and the complete eradication of this pandemic abound, on the other side of the coin are those who see it as a punishment from the Almighty. In fact, they are glad that God is finally giving these people “what they deserve” for not giving themselves up to Christian life, among other reasons.

Illnesses as divine punishment

It is true that in the Holy Scriptures we can observe stories where certain characters and entire nations received a punishment from the Almighty. But we do not see an impulsive God trying to punish the slightest provocation. God’s mercy has always been much greater than his anger.
When He punished directly, He always gave multiple warnings through His prophets, looking for the characters in question to correct themselves. By not responding to the mercy of God, the divine sentence was carried out, which was almost always death.

And what about diseases? well, these were hardly used as divine punishment, but when God used this means it was for a specific purpose: To hurt the pride of the punished. We have as an example the proud Pharaoh of Egypt and the plagues that he received in the form of the disease. Also, a King named Uzziah who by pride took liberties that did not correspond to him, disrespected God and was punished with leprosy.
The previous examples were exceptions that really deserved what happened to them. But the truth is that God rarely used disease to punish. He is not pleased to see the agony and suffering of anyone, even those who do evil. Therefore, he always opts for immediate death as the best way to carry out his holy justice.

How is Islam deal with coronavirus?

Islam commands its followers to be pure in everything through its clean and pure teachings, forbids eating and drinking anything that harms the human body and health. Prevents him from doing anything that could bring him to the brink of death. Today, while nearly two dozen countries are infected with the coronavirus and thousands have died, each country is taking different measures to prevent this deadly epidemic. How much does Islam care about human health? Should you try to know?

Everyone knows that killing someone or using any method of killing and killing is a great crime in Islam. Therefore, without discussing this common thing, we would like to highlight in this article the aspects that are directly related. It cannot be called human murder, but sometimes it causes great loss and sometimes it causes death. The following are the ten golden principles of Islam regarding hygiene which can be used to gauge how pure the teachings of Islam are and how much it cares for human life.

  1.  Who does not know that impurity spreads disease and kills human beings? Therefore, the most golden teaching of Islam is that it always commands its believers to be clean, but also considers purity and purity to be a part of faith. Praise be to Allaah. From birth to death, a Muslim keeps his clothes, body, and place of life clean. In clean clothes and in a clean place, he should perform ablutions and pray five times a day. That’s a big argument. Performing wudu ‘five times and protecting the body from germs by inserting water in the nose and mouth during wudu’, and ordering ghusl tahaarah when it is unclean except on Friday is pure teaching of Islam, but teaching istanja after urination is excellent teaching to prevent disease. Is. It can be seen that circumcision of Muslims, cutting of nails and unnecessary hair also protects against various diseases along with cleanliness. There are many other teachings in Islam besides cleanliness.
  2.  One of the best teachings of Islam is to take advantage of the health and well-being that Allah has given to you before you get sick. One of the meanings of this teaching is to do the work quickly and one of the meanings is not to do anything that will make him sick or harm his health and then he will not do any work. Not worth it
  3.  Islam teaches as much as it is pure, it also teaches that you should eat pure animals in the name of Allah and that the animals that are unclean are impure or poisonous and that it is good for human health. There is a risk of harm. Do not eat such animals. This pure teaching of Islam is not limited to animals, but if there is poison, impurity, or harm in any kind of thing, it is haraam for a man to use it in the light of Islamic teachings. For example, alcohol is a disease and it is harmful to one’s life. It is haraam to drink alcohol, so intoxicants, poisonous foods, deadly substances, and harmful substances and germs are all forbidden. A Muslim cannot use any of them.
  4.  Assume that Islam forbids blowing into a pot so that the germs that come out of the pot do not cause any health problems by eating and drinking. It is not necessary that the person who drinks the blow marker gets sick immediately, some people often drink hot things like tea, and apparently nothing happens to them but Islam forbids them to do so as a precaution so that sooner or later No harm is done.
  5. Not eating or overeating are both harmful to health, so Islam commands us to eat in one part of the stomach and water in the other part and empty the third part so that we can breathe easily. This education is very good for hygiene.
  6. A sick person whose disease can be transmitted to another by the command of Allah is commanded to keep that sick person away from a healthy person so that no healthy sick person falls ill. This is just a precautionary measure.
  7.  In the same way, it is an Islamic teaching that where there is an epidemic, no one should go and live in that place, nor should any sick or healthy person travel from the place of the epidemic to another place. It is feared that the disease will spread to others and elsewhere.
  8.  Islam also forbids the desire for death because death will come at its own time. However, it commands to remember death so that one may prepare for the Hereafter, avoid wrongdoing, oneself, or others. Don’t hurt, fear Allah, and keep thinking of doing good deeds.
  9.  Islam has considered health to such an extent that if a person urinates or defecates during a great act of worship like prayers, he should first fulfill his need, even if he dies in a congregation, then he should offer prayers. We know that urinary incontinence can be painful and even a cause of illness. In the eyes of Islam, which cares so much about human health, how great a crime would it be to kill a human being?
  10. One last important point I would like to make is that there is only Allah, the Creator of life and death, the giver of disease and healing, the giver of troubles, and the averter. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught us to keep on praying to Allaah for health and well-being and to seek refuge in Him from the evils of the times and from disease and suffering. Those who trust in their Creator, seek Him and do not associate anyone with Him, Allah protects this believer.

Murder as a crime

I have presented to you the ten golden sayings of Islam regarding hygiene and at the same time, I have indicated that Islam strictly forbids killing.

Whether one kills oneself or an innocent person. Murder is a serious crime. All acts that lead to murder are also included in the crime. Therefore, if a Muslim intentionally commits an act that causes his own death or the death of another, then he is a criminal in the eyes of Islam. Is.

I am sure that whether a Muslim or a non-Muslim follows the above, they will have physical protection and will be able to avoid illness and sudden death. In light of the above ten things of Islam, I would like to summarize a few benefits. To work in today’s awful environment.

  • Since Islam commands us to be pure and we are believers in Islam, so give a practical example by your character that we are really going to follow the pure teachings of Islam, so our surroundings, body, and clothes should be clean.
  • The importance of worship increases in times of fear and adversity, so in such times, be strictly committed to the duties and repent and ask for forgiveness in abundance.
  • “اسلام” Why does Islam forbid us to take precautions to avoid the dangers and harms of the coronavirus when it is commanded to wash our hands when washing dishes, to wash our hands when we wake up, and to perform urination and defecation during important acts of worship? Therefore, as a precaution, there is absolutely no harm in wearing a mask, avoiding mixing and being confined in houses, and performing worship there.
  • A few days ago, the Supreme Council of Ulema of Saudi Arabia, after much deliberation, issued a fatwa that Saudis should offer prayers in their homes at this time, even on Fridays in their homes. At that time, some non-Arab scholars raised a fuss over this fatwa and declared it fatwa against the Shariah. The fatwa of Arabia was not against Islam yesterday and it is not against Islam today because Islam not only prevents us from dying but also forbids us from walking on all the paths leading to death. I sincerely request the people, imams, and scholars that It is obligatory to hold the house for a few days and pray five times at home, that is the well-being of all.
  • Some ignorant people are taking Karuna lightly, they are making fun of what they will do while it is a serious illness and God’s punishment. How can a Muslim be afraid of God’s punishment and make fun of it? God bless you, protect yourself and your family, take precautions, and show the straight path to those who are making fun of Karuna or are being careless.
  • “دعا “Praying to Allah is the most important means of a believer’s life. Put it into practice. Pray to Allah to avert torment from us, remove the cloud of fear from us, give us peace and comfort, and protect the Muslim Ummah.



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