Al Qur’an Al Shareef and Al Qur’an Al Majed


What is the difference between Al Qur’an Al Shareef and Al Qur’an Al Majed?

Quran is the holy book. It is Allah’s words. Every Muslim should memorize Quran and recite it daily. Ll Muslim families sector make their kids memorize Quran and get used to recite it and listen to it every day, so they need ways to make them love Quran and recite it daily. As Allah Says: ‘and Recite Qur’an with cartel.”.



And because of the holy Quran Allah’s book, so we need to understand what is the meaning of the holy Quran. It is scripture, sacred scripture. Allah sends the holy Qur’an to us by our prophet and our messenger Muhammad. Everything about all of our life and life of past people in all worlds has been mentioned in Qur’an.

Allah revealed it to be our friend every day, like interesting because it is full of many stories, useful so have much advice and many laws restrictions in it. Qur’an tells us how to do everything and how to deal with everything, so this is the meaning of the holy Qur’an generally.

And we are, as the Muslims, find in the Holy Quran that Allah describes His book sometimes with Al Majid and sometimes Shareef. So what is the difference between an Al Majid and Al Shariff so let’s get to the difference together?

Allah named his book many names, and there is no difference between each Name and the other because it is the same content, the same book. But we can take and share the meaning of Al Majid and the meaning of Al Shareef.

Al-Majeed Himself said: They said, “Are you amazed at the decree of Allah? May the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, people of the house. Indeed, He is Praiseworthy and Honorable—[Quran, 11:73] and Honorable Owner of the Throne [Quran, 85:15].

Al-Majid means that it is preserved and kept with Allah there not here on earth with us.
Al Shareef means it’s kept from changing and getting overwritten, and we can touch it.

The Name Al-Majeed is related in meaning to the combination of three other Beautiful Names, Al-Jaleel (the Majestic), Al-Kareem (The Generous), and Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower). Al-Majeed is majestic and beautiful in both His actions and qualities; he treats His slaves most generously and gives them presents and gifts beyond any expectations, demonstrating His Greatness which deserves all praise and respect.

Al-Majid means generous, very generous, which means that the Holy Qur’an is full of respect and generosity and as it always encourages us to be generous. So, the holy Quran is Al Majid which means nothing is generous like it.
al-Shareef also means so generous because The holy Qur’an has many things talking about respect and Honor. It talks about many things and many generosities in life and the afterlife too.

“The mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, O Ahl al-Bayt (People of the Prophet’s House); surely He is Praised, Glorified” (Quran, 11:73).

In language, majd is glory; when combined with good deeds, a person’s own prestige will be enhanced, so he will be called glorious. It also conveys the meanings of manliness, generosity, openhandedness, and gracious conduct.

“Al-Majeed” connotes general Honor or abundance of wealth. A man who is majeed is extremely generous. Al-Majeed is glorified to the utmost extent of Glorification due to His own merits, qualities, and actions. He is also great in His attributes, beautiful in His power and authority. Al-Majeed has the utmost limit of glory; His benevolence is great.

Al-Majeed is the great One, the One whose status is Sublime, Who is most Benevolent. His status is tremendous, Whose Benevolence is great. He is Honored, Whose actions are beautiful, and who is generous in giving. Al-Majeed grants His favors to all others, who are Glorified because of His actions, who are Praised by His creation due to His greatness. He alone has a perfect Honor, the vast kingdom since time immemorial; the One Who does not disappoint anyone, whose will is always carried out. Whose Honor is not earned, whose actions are never abhorred, whose benevolence is beautiful, and who gives most generously…

All meanings of perfect and inclusive glory are always rendered to Allah, and all of them combined are but a drop in the ocean of His Glory. Glory is also attached to His prophets, to the successors of the latter, and to the mujahidin.

Allah has described the Holy Quran as Majeed, saying, “Qaf. I swear by al-Quran al-Majeed…” (Quran, 50:1). The Holy Quran is Majeed because of the abundance of the wealth of knowledge, ethics, and sublime objectives it contains and due to the benefits it contains; so, it is beneficial for man both in the life of this world and in the life to come.

One who personifies in his conduct the essence of this attribute ought to be gracious in all circumstances and most cultured.

So Allah named his book many names, and each Name has meaning, but it is the same content, the same book which is the sacred scripture of Allah that Allah revealed it to our prophet and our messenger Muhammad for us. And we all, as Muslims, need to understand the meaning of each Name and why Allah chose that Name.




And the Answer is . . . Al-Majeed!

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