Sadaqah Charity in Islam


Sadaqah in Islam
Allah, our creator, tells us many things to do in His book, the Holy Qur’an, one of which is Sadaqah.
Sadaqah is charity given voluntarily in order to please God.
Sadaqa also describes a voluntary charitable act towards others, whether through generosity, love, compassion, or faith. These acts are not necessarily physical or monetary. Simple good deeds such as a smile, or a helping hand, are seen as acts of sadaqah.
Allah says: “You will not attain to piety until you spend of that which you love” (Al’Imran, 92)
“O believers give of what We have provided for you” (Al’Baqara, 254)


What are the benefits of Sadaqah?

1- Strengthen Faith and Get Close to Allah SWT
If we give charity for the sake of worship because of Allah SWT, surely it increases our faith in Him.
By offering charity, it gets us closer to Allah because Allah loves His servants who give much because of Him, not the purpose to show.

2- Get the Reward
Every good deed done sincerely will be rewarded by Allah. This includes giving and doing charity to those in need.

“There is no good in most of their whispers, except the whisperings of those who sent (men) to charity, or to do well or to make peace between men. And whoever does this for seeking the pleasure of Allah, then we will give him a great reward. ”
(an-Nissa: 114)

3-Heal the Disease
By doing something positive for others, such as giving or giving charity will help to improve the immune system of a person.

4-Provides Peace and Happiness
As Muslims, we are often advised to do anything good for peace of mind and emotion, including by giving charity. Through the practice of charity will also create a feeling of calm and happiness.

5-Gives Gratitude
Gratitude is when we thank Allah for anything we receive. Then, giving charity is one way we can thank Allah for all blessings and gifts.

6-Positive And Fair Thinking
Often we see those who love charity are those who have a fair attitude and do not dare to take the rights of others without the truth.
That is the benefit of charity, doing charity will remind us of the obligations in the social aspect by being fair to those who need help and those in distress.
This will increase the sensitivity and sympathy to the circumstances of people surrounding us who sometimes need our attention.

7-Avoiding Arrogant
Arrogance may happen if we ignore alms. If someone gives charity or often gives others, he does not belong to arrogant people. Arrogant people are those who assume all that is owned is their eternal right.
That’s why they don’t feel like giving charity to others. Without them knowing it is God’s right that can be taken at any time. So, give alms to avoid being a part of those who are arrogant.

Prophet Muhammad about Sadaqah:
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said
“Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire,” (Hadith, Tirmidhi). He also said that Allah offers relief on the Day of Judgement for those who give sadaqah: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be their charity,” (Hadith, Tirmidhi).
Ramadan is a time to increase our good deeds and to connect with those who regularly go without food and water. This year, we should also reach out to those at greater risk of the coronavirus pandemic who may not have access to adequate protection and healthcare.
Give generously in this blessed month and ask Allah to make your sadaqa protection for you and your loved ones.
Who deserves Sadaqa?
‘Charity is for the needy who are too engaged in the cause of Allah to move about in the land ˹for work˺. Those unfamiliar with their situation will think they are not in need ˹of charity˺ because they do not beg. You can recognize them by their appearance. They do not beg people persistently. Whatever you give in charity is certainly well known to Allah’.

Ways of Sadaqah as Prophet Muhammad did:

1. He fed the poor.
As Muslims, we are urged to help ensure the poor and needy and help them as much as we can. We must not let them go hungry. Prophet Muhammad said:
‘He is not a Muslim whose stomach is full while his neighbor goes hungry.’ (Muslim)

2. He gave water to the needy.
Water is our source of life and a blessing from Allah. With water, we do everything in our life, we can live without it as it is the source of life. Allah in the Holy Qur’an tells us: ‘By means of water, we give life to everything’ (21:30).

3. He helped orphans.
Children are the future and the next Islamic generation, so we need to help them be good. Parents are responsible for providing financially for their children and giving them both emotional support and the correct spiritual and moral education to help them grow up to be healthy, wise, and strong. So, Prophet Muhammed teaches us how to support orphans:
‘Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan, and the wayfarer.’ (Muslim).

4. He took care of widows
Prophet Muhammad encouraged his Ummah, us, to look after our widowed sisters who remain emotionally and financially vulnerable following the death of their husbands, He himself started that charity and we need to follow him to apply it.
‘The person who assists and takes care of the widow… is like the person who is striving in the path of Allah…’ (Bukhari; Muslim)

This is Sadaqa, we need to do it to purify our hearts, lives, money, and families. Sadaqa doesn’t decrease money. It increases money more and more. It can heal us and bless us by Allah, So, we must do sadaqa to have a reward by Allah. As we mentioned, there are some different ways of it, you can choose what you can do and start now.


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