Quran Memorization 


Quran Memorization 

Quran Memorization  Quran is a famous religious text of Islam, and its significance for Muslims can’t be described. Muslims mainly believe that an angel Gabriel from God verbally reveals the Quran and the text written in this is a guide of holiness helps in directing a good life. They accept that book has divine direction and heading for humankind and also has an answer for each issue independent of how complicated they might be.

Pretty much every Muslim wishes to retain the Quran and many have left upon the journey of doing as such, yet many among them do this assignment rather erratically, which prompts trouble during Quran memorization along with the chances of merely forgetting what they have learned.

Proper Guidance Is Must 

The stages (manzilaat) of perusing, recitation and Quran memorization can be easily achieved when you have the help and direction of an individual who is a Quran Hafiz (researcher). At the point when this happens, you can likewise apply some “surahs” of the Quran in your day-by-day petitions to accomplish the greatest out of your online learning lessons.

In perspective on the extraordinary need of successful Quran memorization, some practical steps toward effective memorization and maintaining a strategic distance from mishaps are expressed in this article:

Importance Points To Keep In Mind

The Same Copy 

Utilize similar Mus-haf (copy) when you read the Quran and stick to it so you may get comfortable with it and know the sites of different stanzas and how to discover them immediately when you revise what you have remembered.


Look for a knowledgeable reader, for example, a Shaykh (researcher) who is knowledgeable in the guidelines of Tajweed (right recitation). Begin reading to him what you plan to remember previously so he may correct any wrong pronunciation.

Group Learning

Read and retain the Quran within a group instead of learning it individually. Individuals from the group help each other in amending missteps and in this manner make the assignment simpler.

Practice And Repeat

Repeat what you have remembered to yourself now and again, and the ideal approach to do this is during the petitions.


Get familiar with the essential guidelines of Tajweed before you begin retaining and attempt to apply these principles while remembering.

Audio Cassette 

Tuning in to an Audio Cassette of the Quran will help you in Quran Memorization of what you have read and made it simpler for you to know the correct pronunciation and intonation. Notwithstanding, you should pick a reader who is outstanding for being gifted, with the goal that you can memorize the Quran effectively.

Location Of Quran Reading

Read the Quran in a quiet area and adhere to this on the off chance that you can, as this will set you in the correct state of mind for Quran Memorization and keep you far from distraction. A case of such a place in the Masjid (Mosque).


Make reading and Quran memorization an everyday action and distribute an exceptional time committed to this reason. Try to pick a reasonable time when you are fresh and not tired. The best time is at dawn, as Allah Says

Chapter Sequence

Start remembering the Quran from the last segment (Juz’) and work in reverse, as the verses in the last segment are shorter and progressively well-known.


Support of your family unit, especially the youngsters, will assist them with competing with one another, especially if you additionally reward them with the gifts. Remembering the Quran at an early age is exceptionally rewarding as the capacity to enrol and review learning and data is faster and simpler then than in later years. Likewise, when you get older, your duties increment and you may think it is hard to discover sufficient opportunity to accomplish your objectives.


You ought to be genuine to Allah and make your aim to look for the reward from Him before you start the Quran memorization. You should feel that the Quran is there to manage humankind to high.

Set a Time to Read and Memorize

Set a specific amount of stanzas to read and remember from the Quran at each session. Begin with a modest quantity and after that, increase progressively. Try not to be driven by your eagerness, as this will in the blink of eyewear out. It is increasingly critical to continue in Quran Memorization, regardless of how little the amount is.


When you have memorized the Quran, try to gain its habits, apply it in your life and follow up on it, as this commitment is progressively stressed on the individuals who know it by heart.

 Fit Quran Memorization In Your Busy Schedule

 Quran memorization is simple and is attainable for the majority as Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) has made the Quran simple to remember — regardless of how old or young you are. Quran memorization can fortify your relation with Allah and His Book and is incredible nourishment for your spirit! A bustling current way of life needs a day by day relationship with the Qur’an, and Quran memorization is an incredible stepping stone to build up a spiritual relation with Allah.

 Advice to the individuals who need to memorize the Quran

Ups and downs in your life go hand in hand. There will be days your inspiration feels low. There may even be days you have a craving for surrendering. Don’t surrender. Keep in mind that tests are all piece of the journey in this dunya. Shaytaan will try to divert you or cause you to accept that you can’t do it and try to lead you away from accomplishing great. The reward from Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is extraordinary for every one of your endeavours to defeat the difficulties.

So make sure to put your trust in Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) and drive forward towards your Qur’an memorization objectives.


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