Online Quran Classes in the USA

Online Quran Classes in USA

Online Quran Classes in the USA

online is a word that shows you the availability of anything on the internet, but have we ever wondered what are the limits when it comes to the term “Online”. The world is a global village due to the presence of the internet; our way of life has been exponentially changed by this, the way we shop, communicate, search, and even the way we learn. The Internet has changed every aspect of our lives. While the world discusses the harmful effects of this drastic change in our lives, there is a various beneficial aspect to ponder upon. One of them is the spread of knowledge and education via the internet.

Learning Quran

The teachings of the Holy Book of Quran have been passed on by every generation to the next generation since the time of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, thus possess very high importance in the Muslim world. The fundamentals of Islam are being taught via the Holy Book of Quran under the guidance of a teacher not only to the children but this process of learning continues throughout the life of an individual.

Tajweed :

The teachings of the Quran start with the study of the alphabet of Arabic Language and their pronunciation which is called Tajweed, It is an essential part of the recitation of the Quran to pronounce each word correctly out of your mouth, otherwise, the meaning could be changed due to slight variation.

Qira’at (Recitation)
Qira’at means the recitation of the Quran, The recitation of Quran is also one of the important subjects of Quran, There are seven different ways of recitation of Quran upon which different school of thoughts exists, these different ways have been passed down to next generations in different regions of the world. A good teacher of this subject knows all seven ways to recite the Quran.


Since the time of Prophet ﷺ, Memorization of Quran is a specialized subject in this matter, Those who memorize it all are called “Hafiz e Quran”, This is one of the most essential subjects that help Muslims in the USA to fulfill their need of the imam and the teaching of the memorization of Quran.

Tafseer :
The interpretation of the meanings of the Quran is called Tafsir and this subject holds a lot of value in Quranic Education, Experts of the knowledge of the Quran interpret the meanings of the verses revealed to the prophet.

These are just a few examples and subjects in which the majority of Muslims are interested to learn while the subjects of the Quran are a lot more.

Benefits of Learning Online

There are various benefits of learning Online, Some of which are as follows:
Personalized Attention:
One of the core problems in traditional classrooms is that it consists of a group of students and it is quite difficult for a teacher to give personalized attention to each student so the time of the teacher is divided into the number of students being taught. This is not a problem with Online Learning as all of the attention goes to only one student.
Specialized teacher:
Specialized teachers are available for a specific subject having experience in that particular subject. Many parents prefer that their children study a particular subject from a subject matter expert, With Online learning, it is really easy to find a specialized subject matter expert teacher for their children.
Self-Paced Learning:
When you don’t get something straight through, you have to keep on revising that thing, again and again, to hammer it in your head, With online available Learning material, study anywhere anytime at your ease. The internet is full of data related to any topic you are looking for so for those who are keen to learn at their own pace, Online learning is beneficial.
One of the benefits of learning online is that an individual gets much more responsible and self-disciplined as there is no one to keep your focus on your work physically.
Availability :
Availability of a teacher as per your schedule is a major aspect of learning online, You may schedule your own classes routine where you can learn as per your availability.
Reduced Cost :
Online Education is comparatively cheaper than conventional education as the cost reduces due to a variety of reasons such as transportation.

Few Drawbacks of Online Learning
While we discussed most of the advantages of online learning, Let’s have a view on some of the major drawbacks as well, the following are some drawbacks of learning online.
Less Interactive Session:
Online Sessions or courses usually remain un interactive compared to a physical face to the face teaching environment, if the online course consists of many students then there is a big probability of a student getting distracted as there is no one to watch physically.
Social Isolation:
One of the major drawbacks of online learning is that the students don’t have much space to communicate with each other as compared to a classroom environment. Even interaction with the teacher is completely formal and there is no relationship building between the teacher and student.
Pre-requisites of Online Learning
Some of the pre-requisites to learn online are as follows:
A Computer (Laptop) or a Cellphone.
Good Audio headset/Mic
A Stable internet connection.
Usually, all these things are available in our home.

Finding a Suitable Online Platform:
Some precautionary measure which can help you select the best online platform is to first check the credibility of the platform, the knowledge, and background of the teachers, some of the platform provides free trial classes so that the parents can monitor the level of education provided to their children. Some platforms offer one-to-one services, some offer education in the native language as well.
Keeping in mind such aspects may help an individual finding the best platform to learn Quranic education online in the USA.


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