Online Quran Academy

Online Quran academy was mainly revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to liberate humans from the illusions of false beliefs about their God, to rectify the faith of the humans on earth, and guide them to the straight path of their true Creator. Quran descended to show people the purpose of their life on earth and their destination after death. And because the Quran is the Holy book of Muslims, it is very essential for all Arab and non-Arab Muslims to learn the Noble Quran, to understand its meanings, and to memorize its verses.

, many non-Arab Muslims and new reverts prefer joining an online Quran academy to learn Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

What Is Online Quran Academy?

Online Quran Academy is an online educational institute that is mainly dedicated to teaching Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic studies to non-Arab Muslims and new reverts. Tutors teaching in an online Quran academy should be well-qualified, competent, and authenticated Quran tutors who have ijaza of reading and teaching Quran. Tutors of the online Quran academy should also be very competent in the Arabic language and its grammar.

All you need to do is to enroll yourself in an online Quran academy while having unlimited internet access, online meeting platform, headphone with microphone, desktop/laptop, or even a smartphone. Then you can start your Quran learning journey.

– Achieving comfortable learning at home and avoiding wasting time and effort struggling in crowded and streets, and reducing the expenses of travel and getting around.

–  Removing the geographical restrictions as an online Quran academy gives students a chance to learn any Quran courses at their convenience.

– Online Quran academy introduces Quran courses in slow space so that students can digest the course well and make the best use of it.

– Learning the Quran from an online Quran academy gives students the chance to choose their appropriate timing according to their daily schedules, students can choose between morning or night classes.

– Online Quran Academy provides courses of various levels according to different levels of learners. So, there are always courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

– Finding well-qualified, competent, and experienced Quran tutors as an online Quran academy provides teachers who have dealt with several learners’ languages, cultures, and dialects.

– On the online Quran academy, you can drop semesters or resume Quran courses without extra payment.

– Online Quran Academy provides Quran learning courses in groups or on an individual basis.

– Through the online Quran academy, different students from various, nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds meet online and share their diverse experiences.

–  Online Quran Academy provides free access to all learning materials whether they are audio/video or text format. Students can easily keep them for future references.

– Adapting with the advancement of modern technology and achieving the best results of electronic learning in learning Quran.  

Memorizing Quran on Al-Azhar Quran Teaching:

 This course helps students to memorize the Quran. We offer the student three options to choose from when wanting to memorize the Quran. The students can choose one of the following options for this course:

  1. Memorize the last 30 Surahs (chapters from the Holy Quran).
  2. Memorize selected Surahs chosen by the tutor.
  3. Memorize the whole Quran.

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching doesn’t want to overburden you or make our fees a barrier that hinders your learning of the Quran and Arabic language. That is why we offer you different plans with different fees to be suitable for all learners. Moreover, there are some good courses which are completely free.

Online Quran academy – Al-Azhar Quran Teaching presents four different plans for paid courses:  

– Plan A: Learners pay 53$ USD monthly to study 90 minutes a week.

– Plan B: Learners pay 105$ USD monthly to study 3 hours a week.

– Plan C: Learners pay 158$ USD monthly to study 4.5 hours a week.

– Plan D: This plan is various. It is meant to meet the different needs of learners who find the three previous plans not suitable for them.

Online Quran academy – Al-Azhar Quran Teaching is mainly an Islamic educational website which is dedicated to teaching the Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies to no Arab Muslims and reverts.  Our essential goal is to provide efficient and unique methods of online Islamic learning to help non-Arab Muslims and reverts learn the Holy Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies. It presents online educational courses for adults and kids as well. The courses cover all educational needs for learners. All different courses are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The different online courses provided on Online Quran academy – Al-Azhar Quran Teaching are presented by well-qualified and competent teachers who help learners overcome any difficulty facing them during a learning process. Most of the teachers are graduated from al-Azhar University, and the Quran tutors have Ijaza.

Online learning has a good number of advantages for every individual. Online learners have the choice to start their online classes at any time they find it suitable for their schedule.

Online Quran academy

Quran Academy Online is an international online school for the Koran, which has been providing training services for the Koran online since 2007. It helps you, along with your children, to learn the Koran through tajwid and to remember the Koran. We have teachers in the Quran and men and we don’t need web cameras, so women and children can safely read the Quran without leaving home. Koran Academy is a major online learning platform for the Koran that enables new Muslims and children from all over the world. The world of reading the Qur’an from house to house. We welcome all students who want to learn the Qur’an. The program includes reading the Koran (Nazra-Quran), Nurani Qaeda, memorizing the Koran, translations, and prayers of Duas of 6 Kalim. With one click, you will learn from highly qualified, competent, and dedicated men and women. We have teachers of the Koran.

Our program is available to all ages, from children to the elderly, without discrimination. Our courses generally take 3-6 months to allow the student to read the Koran accurately. But it mainly depends on the interests and abilities of the student. Our lessons allow teachers and students to get started. Teachers generally assess the student’s current level and suggest where to start, from the first level (beginner) or any other level (intermediate or advanced). By experiencing different economic periods, our staff can determine the best opportunities, both in good weather and in bad weather. The favorable periods provide growth for our portfolio and, despite the possible negative consequences, may open new opportunities.


Quran Academy online mission

What are the main goals of the Quran Academy online?

Our mission is to receive the blessings and pleasures of Allah Almighty by transmitting his message to humanity. Our vision is to communicate the knowledge of Islamic teaching. More importantly, our goal is to teach the Holy Quran using the rules of Tajweed science. We offer advanced and basic Tajweed courses specifically designed by experts. We see our students acting as future role models for other Muslims in their society, showing respect for the values ​​of Islamic teachings and fulfilling the commandments of Allah Taa’l and the prophet Muhammad (calm down). We strive to present the theory of Islam by introducing and teaching Islamic studies to our children, women, and adults.


Quran Academy Online vision

An online Quran Academy is essentially designed as an international online Quran reading academy whose aim is to provide the best guide to reading the Koran with the correct Koran rules. Quran Academy Online will offer various courses and levels for all Muslims living in the world. We have no age or gender limits; Our goal is to spread real ways of studying the Koran to educate our people, who have not yet been able to find a permanent instructor at home. So, with our ability to read the Koran in English, people can study and understand the knowledge of the Koran that Allah has sent us for our benefit.

Some of the main objectives of our online learning of the Koran are listed below:

This is a great platform to teach the Quran for free to those who cannot find a possible way to teach and practice the Quran in their fields.

Our highly qualified professional teachers will teach you the correct and correct discourse of the Holy Quran.

We use some unique and simple practical methods to make it easier for people to learn the Holy Quran.

We encourage people to do their best to learn to read the Quran using the correct techniques from Tajwid.

We have made learning the Koran online easier and more effective for people around the world.

We also have separate online Quran lessons for children and women so they can learn faster in a convenient environment.

With our online platform, people will be able to learn the Quran word for word.