Online Quran Academy: The Right Choice for Every Muslim

Online Quran Academy the right choose for every Muslim

Many academies teach Quran online. We could not say that all of them are good at delivering the message. We could admit that all of them are teaching perfectly. Furthermore, we could not say that we could depend on all of them in learning how we recite and memorize Quran or learn Tajweed.

So here we could say there is a Right Way for Every Muslim to learn Quran Online. Each Muslim could choose his track on how and when to learn Quran. We could speak about some characteristics that define how the academy should be by taking examples of some academies. Here we could start with Al-Firdaus Foundation. It is an academy that teaches Quran and Islam.

Their vision as residents and locals of the US, it’s vital for us to be apprehensive of the surroundings and terrain around us. One of the loftiest factors of significance to parents’ moment is the Islamic nurturing and nourishing of their children while attending to their busy schedules. This is a challenge indeed and requires a lot of ways and chops to apply while understanding child psychology.

The ground between parents and children only seems to grow as parents are more and more ignorant of the practices their children are engaged in when not with them. We at Al Firdaus Foundation have completely studied and enforced this veritable task within our scholars. Al Firdaus Foundation stands as an association delivering exactly that by good preceptors born and raised within the US, who have fully understood and lived the terrain and challenges children face moment.

     Their Objectives are:

  • Studies mention a child chooses their part model in life between the periods of 5- 7. They strive to increase the love of Allah within their hearts and inseminate the blessed life of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallamouho Allih from this tender age.
  • Administering our children to exercise Islam in an authoritarian manner will only lead children to turn rebellious and not rehearse when they grow up. They virtually have our scholars understand Islam which builds an appetite within the scholars to practice Islam passionately, without the need for supervision.
  • To give an occasion that isn’t confined to the scholars, but also the family to have access to and practice religious Islamic training and apply them.
  • They ask to integrate an Islamic education contemporaneous to the temporal education at a diurnal position while keeping the workload fully manageable for the child.

Their commitment is:

The association at Al Firdaus Foundation is devoted to fueling the children of our communities for what lies ahead. Their preceptors have completed numerous courses simply to support this nobletrouble of furnishing The community with the chance of also serving Islam from a tender age. They present a veritably malleable program to enrich Their Islamic lives spiritually:

A diurnal after-academy program from Monday- Thursday, 500pm- 700 pm. One of thenumerous purposes of a diurnal schedule is to give exposure to an Islamic terrain. Almost children spend most of their days in academies or Non- Islamic surroundings and are fully deprived of Islam until it’s too late.

  • Their goal is to take a pupil from the veritable basics of reciting the Quran with its diacritical marks, apply all the Tajweed rules, study 20 Surahs/ chapters minimum, and also come tone-dependent on reading the Quran at a youthful age. This will give the advantage of picking up any Mushaf and reciting the Quran without the need for backing and help children recite the correct Surahs in Salah.


  • Quranic Studies is only a portion of the 2- hour diurnal program. Teachers have also tutored 7 different subjects in Islamic Studies, videlicet Fiqh(justice), Ahadith ( aphorisms and training of the Prophet), Sirah (a memoir of the Prophet), Tarikh( history), Aqa’id (creed and beliefs), Akhlaq( characteristics), and Adab (more). It’s essential to also be apprehensive of the ruling of Islam, correct mores and way of conduct for every small action, and the challenges that were formerlyfaced at the arrival of Islam. Islam isn’t simply a religion but an entire life. It is applied to everynanosecond of life, and we should be apprehensive of how to reap maximum benefit from it.
  • preceptors are also tutored duas prayers that may be read before committing most conduct. These include duas of protection, traveling, clothes, knowledge, and multitudinous others that come as the root cause of protection and faith within our lives. scholars also demonstrated the system of Salah nearly, handed tarbiyah, and tutored in a manner that everything is made applicable and easy to apply within our day-to-day lives. As a price, they are given gifts and taken on field passages to keep the scholars encouraged and devoted to their identity.Their staff They have a  platoon ofdevoted scholars who conduct traditional Islamic knowledge to their scholars. Mufti AbdulHannan Nizami was raised in Chicago and blessed with the memorization of the Holy Quran at the early age of 14 in 2004 from Darul Uloom Al- Madania in Buffalo
  • He entered formal authorizations in the sacred Islamic lores in the time 2011 as the culmination of a rigorous seven-time ʻĀlimiyyah program from Darul Uloom Canada in Chatham Ontario, Canada( a branch of Darul Uloom Al- Madania in Buffalo New York). There, he was blessed with the occasion to study under one of the elite scholars of North America, Shaikh Ibrahim Memon Madani.
  • The studies were predicated on the traditional Dars-e-Nizami class of Islamic education. Following his scale, Mufti AbdulHannan Nizami traveled to Durban, South Africa to pursue a two-time study of a specialization in Iftaa( Islamic governance), Islamic Finance, and nuptial issues under the world-celebrated scholar Mufti Ebrahim Desai( website). He graduated from the Iftaa program in the time 2013. In 2015, he successfully earned his high academe diploma from Penn Foster High School along with other training in training, psychology, and business.
  • Mufti Abdul Hannan previously served as a preceptor for two times at Darussalam Academy (Lombard, Illinois) for the Taḥfīẓ al-Quran (memorization of the Quran), ʻĀlimiyyah and Tafhīm programs. During this period, he innovated and established an association with multiple programs for the youth known as “ Fountain of Divine Knowledge ” or “ Al Firdaus Foundation ” in Bridgeview, Illinois, and presently serves as a preceptor there.  simultaneously, he attended the council at Moraine Valley. Mufti AbdulHannan regularly lectures at various churches and events.  Some other founders run the place accessibly and make it a privileged place to learn the Quran.

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