Online Learning Quran Reading

online learning quran reading

Online Learning Quran Reading

Online Learning Quran Reading Quran is our holy book, and it is a direct dialogue from Allah, which got revealed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The revelation took a total of 23 years, and Hazrat Jibreel was the messenger of Allah who received the messages from Him and delivered to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The revelation started in 610 AD when Prophet was meditating in Ghhaar-e-Hira. Online learning Quran reading is considered very much pious in the Islamic community.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to memorize and recite the messages with Hazrat Jibreel and then teach the public by giving lectures. This is the best way to spread the teachings as it was an easy way for people to memorize the teachings and also can recite them when they came in the form of lectures. The teachings used to be spread rapidly through word of mouth.


It’s importance

The book is a direct speech from Allah, not any human-created book. It is the guide that provides a broader perception of life, death and everything else, which follows. It needs a whole-hearted online learning Quran reading and a sense of understanding so that you become a little more able to learn what this spiritual text can teach us.

We all should understand that reciting beautifully and truely seeking knowledge from this book blessed on us by Allah along with implementing its miraculous teachings in our lives has some significant advantages, in this life and also in what follows after death. Online learning Quran reading consumes less time of your busy schedule and teaches you a lot. Now let’s look at the advantages of some of the teachings and try to implement them in our lives.


Read and reflect

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave Islam a summarized form and said Islam is based on Naseehat, which means offering someone genuine advice. On this Tameem Bin Aws asked to whom the information is given. Prophet replied advice is given to the messenger of Allah, the leaders, the kings, and their subjects. Online learning Quran reading will provide a broad perspective and lighten you with its miraculous teachings.

Quran will save us on Judgement day

On the Judgment day, when we will in need of our even the tiniest good deeds, the Quran will become our advocate in saving us from the fires of Hell. It can also be standing against us if we don’t show any respect towards this in our life. If you are still not awakened, this is your chance to get up and start online learning Quran reading.

 Helps In Improving Life

This Hadees comes from Saheeh Muslim, and this story is the perfect example of what role the Quran can play in enhancing one’s life. The story says once some men came to Hazrat Umar (RA) and asked him whom he has chosen to provide governance on Makka. Hazrat Umar replied Ibn Abzaa. They questioned who’s he. Umar replied he’s one of the slaves that he freed.

They exclaimed and said you left a slave to govern the people of Quraysh. On which he said that he’s knowledgeable and beautifully recites the Quran and knows all the things about Muslims. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that indeed, the Quran could raise your standard of life and also can lower it. Online learning Quran reading can be your way to find all the solutions in your life.

 A single letter carries ten rewards

A Hadees from Tirmizi proved that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said that anyone who recites a letter from the Quran would be obliged to have a bonus and each reward will be given the multiplication of 10. For example, if anyone quoted Alif Laam Meem, the word, which repeatedly came in the Quran, will not have only one reward. But each letter, that is, Alif, Laam, Meem, each will have a bonus when anyone ever recites. So, describe as much as you can and list the rewards for you. The more you get busy in life, the less you get time to be involved in Deen, start online learning Quran reading now.

You Will Be With Noble Angels

Always remember, it is proved in Hadees many times that Shaitan will whisper it in your ears and gives you excuses like you are not from Arab, and it’s not your language. Don’t let him influence you in objecting you from performing the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran. Whenever you can, you must start online learning Quran reading as soon as possible, as it is the only way to go through this test called life easily.

 Leads you to Jannat

It is also proved in Hadees and came many times that the recitation, in beautiful voice and a precise manner, will take you to greater heights and will reserve a very high place in the Jannat for you. Hazrat Abdullah bin-Amr heard the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saying that always try to beautify your voice while reciting the Quran and your position in Jannat will keep increasing as much as you describe.

 Implement in your life

By online learning Quran reading, you must follow and learn more benefits other than these above. Note that these benefits will only provide you with the best of the results only when you recite whole-heartedly, not just by reading it for showing to someone. Your commitment must be demonstrated and actually, be from the core of your heart. Otherwise, nothing will come out of it. Everybody part must act by the heart while online learning Quran reading.

The benefits mentioned above are very few water drops from the ocean of the benefits you can get from learning the Quran. The Quran will help you and request Allah in giving you mercy and will tell Him your good deeds. When you recite it from your heart, you will feel a calming sensation that will happen to your body and will help you find peace and happiness.


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