Online Islam Learning

Online Islam Learning

Online Islam Learning

The literal meaning of Islam is surrender, which means that Muslims should surrender to the will of Allah and follow the guidance He provided in the holy book of the Quran. Education in Islam has a very high position, and it is advised to you to take an online Islam learning class.

During the 9th century, education was categorized into 3 branches: Islamic studies, natural sciences (this was known as Greek Knowledge), and arts. Islamic study included thorough learning of the Quran, the holy book of Islam, then Hadith, traditions and the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) along with their meanings and interpretations by the scholars.

Though the students of Islamic studies were considered to be the most brilliant and top, Greek Knowledge students were also seen as equal but they had fewer virtues. Online Islam learning is a great way to learn more and more about this religion. Islam is the religion that comes on the second number when it comes to the number of followers. It has more than 1.8 billion followers all around the world. The followers of this religion are growing at a very rapid pace.

Our Belief

Muslims believe in Allah, the Almighty and the only one. The angels and Prophets are His creation only, and they were the messengers to spread the belief, which you can learn extensively through any online Islam learning class.

We also believe in the Judgment Day where our actions here will be responsible for our fate in the afterlife. Allah is the only controller of humans or any other creatures present in the whole universe. There are thousands of Prophets came starting from Hazrat Adam, Ibraahim, Moosa, Nooh, Isa, and the last and final Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Hazrat Jibreel was the messenger who used to come with messages from Allah to the Prophet, and this continued for 23 years. The Quran is the original and only true compilation of these messages left with us and will always remain. The Prophet started his preaching’s in Mecca during 613 AD; the instructions were the messages he got from the Almighty Allah through Hazrat Jibreel

For our beliefs and any confusion, the Quran is the only correct way to solve them. Our faith is sourced primarily from this holy book. The secondary source on which we should live our life is following the Sunnat, the doings and habits of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself. The Hadees is the only source for us to know that. Online Islam learning is an excellent opportunity to understand this religion better.

You can know about degrees in Islam studies

Teachings of Islam

The teachings of Islam that anyone can learn by reading and attending some online Islam learning classes are so beautiful and unique and of great help the message of peace and prosperity that this religion is spreading.

Stay close to Allah

The main base of Islam is to stay close to the creator and build a personal relationship with Allah. It made the believer that someone is protecting him and thus resulting in long-lasting happiness. Online Islam learning will teach you all the Islamic teachings including the very basic that the source of eternal peace is the one and only Allah and desiring materialistic things more than wanting to connect more with Allah will never give you any peace.

Being optimistic

We all need a valid perspective on our actions that are they good or are they bad? Islam provides that in an effortless manner. It makes you believe and to understand the greater purpose of life than to live it and also strictly follow the preachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to achieve that greater good.

You are genuinely interested then you should and must take online Islam learning for broad learning.

Allah is one

The most beautiful part of Islam that it believes that there is one and only Allah and there should be precisely no compromises in regards to that. He is the most powerful of all and has full and total authority over everything.

Based on evidence

Every teaching of Islam comes with solid evidence supporting it and has clear proofs. Though this life is just another test, we are taking, but even then Allah provided us with so much evidence and proofs if we try to look and live life with a bit of an open mind. The Quran is a prime example of such evidence. Online Islam learning is an excellent opportunity to learn about Islam and clear all your confusions.

Etiquettes to learn from Islam

A follower of Islam is a knowledge seeker of all time. There is no end to stop gaining Knowledge and move on in life. So, for the best way to seek Knowledge, one must have some qualities and habits which will help in leading a quality life.


Seeking Knowledge is not an easy task which can easily be achieved having everything else also on the mind. You have to possess a quality of endurance that will allow you to keep learning all the time. Online Islam learning can make the process better for you to learn about religion faster but not the lessons of life.

Pure intentions

Your intentions must be pure in anything you do. The learning experience will be easy and smooth if you do not have any bias towards anything, and you keep your intentions pure. Online Islam learning will give you tips on how to think genuine and keep your intentions pure.

Allah is watching you

When you have already built a strong bond and your connection to Allah, you must know that the Almighty is with you always. The more you will keep remembering, the more you ask for forgiveness and appeal to him in your every Sujood, the more you will become happy and enjoy your test here, that is, life.

A day in Muslim’s life

A Muslim starts his/her day by offering the Fajr Namaz, waking up before the sunrise. Before performing all the 5 Namaz, a Muslim has to get physically and mentally pure, for which he/she does Wazu, which includes washing hands, feet, and face in a certain manner. Then as everyone, he gets ready and leaves for work. During work time, he stops all the work and performs Namaz 4 more times throughout the day.


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