learning quran for beginners

learning quran for beginners

learning the Quran for beginners

learning the Quran for beginners is the Creator’s mercy that was meant to heal the hearts of the truth seekers on earth. It is the divine light that was sent to illuminate the earth after it was drowning for ages in the darkness of ignorance, atheism, and infidelity. One of the most famous truth-seekers in the history of Islam is Salman al-Farisi. His long and exhausting journey seeking the true faith is an inspiration for reverts and young Muslims who seek understanding Islam and learning Quran for beginners.

When Salman was sixteen, he was studying to serve in a magus temple. He deserted his father’s religion and luxurious life to meet an appeal in his heart seeking the truth. First, he was impressed by Christianity and left his father’s house to join a Christian group. His father imprisoned him to dissuade him from his new faith, but he could escape. He traveled to Syria and served in the church with few priests. While his last priest was dying, he told him to go to the Arab Peninsula to search for the last prophet who would revive the religion of Abraham. Thus, Salman proceeded with his long journey to his true Creator, but he was caught and sold for slavery to a Jewish man in Madina where he met Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who aided him to get his freedom back and he became one of the Prophet’s close companions.  

Learning Quran for Beginners Is the First Step towards Guidance   

There are so many like Salman al-Farisi all over the ages and in our modern times as well. They all sincerely seek the truth and start a long journey searching for it. Allah says in the Noble Quran that:” But We shall be sure to guide to Our ways those who strive hard for Our cause: God is with those who do good.”  

(Quran, Chapter 29, Verse 69)

The Quranic verse asserts that those who strive sincerely for seeking the truth, Allah the Almighty guide their hearts to Him and gladdens their hearts to Islam. Those new reverts start their journey with learning Quran for beginners.

The Goal of Learning Quran for Beginners:

learning the Quran for beginners The new reverts and non-Arab Muslims who start learning Quran for beginners should be taught the true message of Islam while learning the Quran. They should understand the principles of Islam and that Islam aims mainly at spreading justice, mercy, equality, and high morals. Islam comes to free mankind from worshipping false gods and low desires and whims to free people from all kinds of fears and worries and elevate them to worship the One Who created everything and Who only can harm and benefit them. Thus, the course of learning Quran for beginners should lead learners to realize that Islam encourages people to release their potentials, be creative and serve humanity with every good deed they can while having that deep faith that Allah the Almighty is watching them all the time, recording what they do and rewarding them for it whether it is big or tiny.  

Courses of Learning Quran for Beginners

Most of the new reverts and non-Arab Muslims do not know Arabic language and they need to learn the basics of Arabic such as learning Arabic letters and diacritics as they are the key elements of learning the Quran for beginners. Before starting learning Quran for beginners, learners should be able to read Arabic words, short Arabic sentences, and understand them. After learning the basics of the Arabic language, learners can start learning Quran for beginners’ course by learning to read short Surahs (chapters) of Quran word by word.  The qualified tutors should help learners articulate the Quranic words correctly applying the rules of Tajweed. They also need to understand the meaning of the verses while reading them.

The tutors teaching in the courses of learning the Quran for beginners should be well qualified and competent. They should help the learners practice reading Quran word by word as much as they can.

By the end of the course of learning the Quran for beginners, learners are supposed to reach a good level which enables them to read and understand the verses of the Noble Quran on their own.

 Learning Quran for Beginners Should Root Faith

The courses of learning the Quran for beginners should be planned not only to aim at providing the learners with the skills of reading the Noble Quran but also to establish the learners’ faith in their hearts. While teaching the learners the skills of reading the verses of the Noble Quran, the tutors should draw their attention to the faith side in the Quranic verses. Learners should be interactive with the Quranic verse in a way that strengthens their faith and connects them strongly to Allah the Almighty.

The courses of learning the Quran for beginners demand effort and commitment but the reward of Allah is such immense for those who strive to learn His Glorious Words.  

Learning Quran for beginners and Etiquettes of reading Quran

The course of Learning Quran for beginners teaches students the etiquette of reading the Quran. When you start reading the Quran you should be clean, to proceed to the Qibla, use Siwak as the prophet (PUH) always did. Muslims who are reading the Quran should feel humble and submissive while reading. She/he should not be distracted by anything and should focus on reading the Quran.  Also, he/she should try to know the meanings of the words of the Quran, know the stories in it, and the examples it includes.


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