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learn quran

learn Quran

learn quran Being true & devoted Muslim it is our religious obligation to learn Quran. Every one of us needs to ensure that we embrace the teachings of Allah in the form of various verses in the Quran. However, learning the Quran is not just a duty but also a delightfully enlightening experience. One will feel free from all the doubts, confusions & problems of life.

The solution to every worldly problem has been presented in the Quran for the benefit of Mankind. Learning Quran has to happen under a skilled & accomplished teacher for effective grasping. In the coming part, we will touch upon many associated aspects of learning Quran. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad has handed over God’s message to us for our betterment.

Allah has assured us that he will protect his message against all the adulteration. Hence, whatever we have preserved in the form of the Quran is God’s direct message for his people.

How the Quran has been Enriching Human Lives

learn quran Ever since Angel Gabriel revealed the Quran to our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the Quran has been saving lives. Every devoted Muslims who learn the Quran will end up being a better human being. Every mind, which bears the teachings of the Quran, will have no unresolved problems. Quran gives utmost clarity over various daily tasks & their related laws. It offers fair judgment over social justice & path, leading to love & peace. One will feel filled with Allah’s mercy & love after reading & understanding the Quran.

As per Quran, four sources of knowledge prevail for Humans. Any eternal truth can be derived using these sources, namely: Logic, Experience, and Study of Nature & History. Each of these factors has been beautifully woven across the text of the Quran to stimulate & enhance human knowledge. No one can feel miserable & lost after grasping the invaluable teachings of Quran. The message crafted in a Quran with a child in France & another man in Dubai carries the same meaning. Both of them can get the same amount of love & mercy from God in the form of his wise words described in the Quran.

Advantages of learning Quran:

ü Reading the Quran complete religious obligation

ü Quran will mediate on the Day of Judgment

ü Muslims will experience elevated status in life

ü A sure way to gain peace & fulfillment

ü God has determined 10 wards for every letter recited

ü Regular reciters are sure to get the company of noble angels

ü Every person memorizing Quran by heart will have a higher chance of getting a superior position in paradise

ü Learning Quran can assure thorough wisdom for the regular reciter which will lead to better deeds and peaceful life

Unravel the Beauty of Quran by learning it

It is almost impossible to explain the beauty of Quran in words. One must experience the same by learning & regularly reciting it. It shows a direct path to God. It helps in the accumulation of good deeds, which shall be an ultimate help on the Day of Judgment. Every Muslim will have the obligation of learning Quran & always keeping it live in his memory. As forgetting Quran after acquiring the knowledge is a sin. One should learn the Quran in a distraction-free atmosphere. Also, a daily routine should be developed for reciting & reading the Quran to always keep in life in the memory.

learn Quran with utmost concentration. You will have the opportunity to be a superior & dearest to God by learning & teaching the Quran. Quran clearly states that God will consider people best among all who will learn Quran & subsequently teach it to others. This is the purest form of service one can do is a devoted Muslim. For becoming a competent teacher, one must gain adequate proficiency over the complete understanding of Quran & its meanings.

Learn Quran Using Technology

As civilization has experienced the onset of technology, various avenues have opened from technology. In the current time, one doesn’t have to step out of the house to acquire the invaluable knowledge of the Quran. All you require is a system & an Internet connection. One can learn the Quran at the convenience of his home/office. All the constraints have been eliminated as you can get access to the best & most accomplished teachers across the globe. In a way, it also reduces the associated time, money & energy being spent upon the entire learning process.

The students can start learning from an early age & can choose schedule as per his/her comfort. Best out of best teachers are available on the Internet who can teach to read Quran using exact Tajweed. Use of Tajweed is very much crucial as enunciations & pronunciations play a significant role in determining meanings. At any point in time, improper use will change the meaning, and one will be committing a mistake of misreading Quran.

If one wants to embrace a true sense of Quran, each verse & word has to be read with utmost precision. A proficient teacher can guide a student towards understanding the words, pronunciations, underlying message & broader meanings. Young kids should start learning Quran from a young age. In their tender age, their memory works more efficiently. Also, their understanding can be cultivated for accepting the supremacy of the Quran’s pureness.

Quran: The Ultimate Wisdom

One true Muslim has to memorize the Quran thoroughly. Each Muslim must recite & read the verses of the Quran regularly. Law to forget the Quran once acquired in mind has prohibited it. Hence, one needs to be entirely & continuously in touch with this holy book. It will help in gathering good deeds & be a savior on the Day of Judgment. One must completely use his mind & heart before attempting to learn the Quran. Allah will reward every devoted Muslim with delightful privileges in paradise hereafter, which is the life beyond death & Quran is the way to reach there learn quran online.


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