Learn Quran Online UK

Learn Quran Online UK

learn Quran online in UK In Islam every day there are many things that are important, such as going to work, family, or going to the Masjid. Most important of all is one thing, the Holy Qur’an, which is the Islamic Holy book about the Prophet Mohammad and Allah, our god. When we are preparing to sleep, we perform what is known as Wudhu , purification so we are clean for praying all 5 prayers during the day.

During prayers, we read what is known as the Qur’an, in the Qur’an, there are 9,000 lines, and the most common surah recited during praying is surah Ikhlas is recited quite often. This surah makes up ⅓ of the Qur’an, Insha’allah the Qur’an is sacred and holy to Muslims everywhere whether Sunnah or Shia.

In Islam there are 11 months and the Holy month is called Ramadan, where we abstain from foods and liquids from sunrise to sunset, then we pray to break our fasting and we sit down to a nice meal. The Noble Qur’an is the miracle book of God that was revealed by our Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) to teach us the Islamic faith and the provisions of Islamic law.

The Qur’an contains 30 parts, which are divided into parties. It also consists of 606 pages and 114 chapters that begin with Surat Al-Fatihah and end. Surat Al-Nas Classical Arabic is the language of the Holy Qur’an in which it was written, and the Qur’an was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad during 23 years.

Sharia rulings related to the Islamic religion and its rules. God Almighty has made clear the provisions of inheritance, fasting, prayer, zakat, and Hajj, which are the main pillars of Islam, and God spoke about the prophets and messengers who were before our master Muhammad and who had been assigned to spread God’s religion among their people.

God Almighty mentioned in the Noble Qur’an the stories of the prophets beginning with the story of our master Adam and how he was honored in front of the angels and the events that took place between him and Satan in Paradise. Other stories. The Noble Qur’an is the Book of God that God Almighty commanded us to read and learn, to learn its rulings, to abide by its command, and to avoid its prohibitions. for the Quran.

God Almighty told us in the Noble Qur’an about the description of Paradise and its people, and the description of Hell and its inhabitants, as He explained to us what actions take us to Paradise and what actions make us enter Hell, as He commanded us to adhere to morals and values that improve social life and commanded us to mention and glorify Him.

And I seek His forgiveness at all times, because He is the Sustainer, the Living, the Subsisting, and He is the Possessor of Majesty and Honor. God Almighty described Himself in the Noble Qur’an with His Most Beautiful Names. Oh God, have mercy on us with the Qur’an and make it for us an Imam and a light and a guidance and a mercy and grant us to recite it at night and during the day.

so it is very important to learn Quran online in the UK and this a really important in the UK.

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