learn Islamic studies for kids

learn Islamic studies for kids

Islamic studies for kids

learn Islamic studies for kids Online is a great way to learn Islamic studies for kids between playschool and fifth standard. It is created on short funny stories. Young students begin by understanding the alphabet and then acquire to recite Arabic through circumstances that relay to their age.

This is achieved by giving them curious stories and stimulating puzzles that circle essential subject such as occupation, colours, alphabets, food, numbers, outings, members, etc. Kids love to play, and this way of teaching becomes one of the most significant assets for teachers to engage kids. Fun stories give a lot of fun element to the learning.

This creative course is curated for young children who don’t know the Arabic dialect or sound also. Letters are widely introduced in serial order. Each subject consists of 3 or 4 new letters. Words and phonetics are introduced that are created only of the letters that pupils have already learned.

Islamic studies for kids start with learning the essential words then letter, thereon basic sentence constructions simultaneously. Such courses are designed for youth children who are directed by their peers to learn Islam as paying respect to their roots of religion. It helps novices review the culture and be aware of where he belongs. The enriching vocabulary with additional sounds that is accurate to their age. Students get to learn through their favourite story heroes without realizing the bigger picture without hassles at home.

Why learn Islamic studies for kids?

Educating children about Islam is a daunting prospect! Islamic studies for kids online is a great way to make them learn and also monitor their growth. Once parents select the appropriate online website, they register their kids. Muslims always do start learning the religion Islam, at a very early age from 3 to 5 years. They believe it keeps up the religious momentum and maintains their enthusiasm in the culture they belong to. Parents do encourage and inspire the children by practising the same Infront of them daily. 

 There are many online & offline resources available to aid parent to pick and choose appropriate, an Islamic school. Islamic studies for kids teach children the belief Islamic sciences, from the ease of my own parents’ advice and diligent teachers at home or institution. Kids learning Islam is such a blessing to integrate the religion into their system and primary education, and parents find it incredible as they have many options.

Online Or Offline Islamic School For Kids?

Parents of today have both options available; kids also get the choice. Islamic studies for kids like watching or experiencing a version of ABC Mouse! Wonderfully crafted course structure makes it more desirable! Instead of instructing phonics, it explains children holy Quran, easy duaas, basic Arabic, and much more! Kids rather wait for the classes to happen so that they can go for it or switch on at home and learn.

The children unconditionally adore it, and look advancing to doing their teachings! I have seen an unbelievable shift in their behaviour towards knowledge the Islamic disciplines. Today’s classes announce themselves as study miracles as its effortless to get to the computer and watch kids do another of their lessons. They even identify the charms in the school from different worlds, which only adds to their interest!

Below is the mentioned list of what to expect from a course for Islamic studies for kids.

Islam current topics for kids

o Memorization the holy Quran (Hidfh)

o Reading and reciting in Arabic

o Prophetic lines or Duaas

o Salah an important start

o Wudu process

However, the way the program stats for kids, they have sustained to propose more levels interpreted in different ways and add more fun learning material for kids to their syllabus every month!

How does it work?

Most lessons curated for Islamic studies for kids involves watching the fun and short animated video. This way of learning is present both online and offline. Where the factual is explained. These videos have been created to a very high level! The audio is loud and clear, with a wonderful recitation in the supreme of the holy Quran, and the exciting animation is very fantastic! Then after actively involved with what has been educated, they comprehensive a short quiz to ensure they have grasped the whole lesson. Kids tend to remember everything as the way it is presented; memorizing becomes easy.

Are their sources reliable for kids?

There are so many different Islamic studies for kids practised in Islam today, especially in regards to worship the religion. The creators of Islamic courses are consulted various religious teachers from core Egypt and old Saudi Arabia. Where dwell the authentic teachers away from the doldrums of business-minded cities and people.

How long are the lessons?

The amount of time each lesson requires does vary between various subjects and their levels. However, the makers of the relevant courses recommend that children must spend 10-20 minutes every day on each lesson, or as per time they get too few times per week to get the maximum out of any selected program.

Different people chose a different way to teach Islamic studies for kids. Instead of regular classes, one can select affordable timeline as per convenience. Sometimes in some schools, they use attendance as the reward to inspire good behaviour for all the kids to ensure academic achievement! Kids enjoy using these various activity involved in schools online / offline.

Benefits of Online Learning

Personally, the primary benefit of choosing an online place to teach is that the kids thoroughly enjoy it! Subhan Ullah, Islamic studies for kids, online is a different way to make your child’s education while they have all fun!

As online a child is enthusiastic and attentive in learning the course, they will retain that data more efficiently than if you are compelling them to do their lessons.


The makers of the learning school for kids only choose to accept the limited number of scholars each term. This ensures kind attention from a teacher and valuable learning, so that they get to distinguish those pupil’s needs, and contribute good knowledge to them as much as possible.


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