Learn Arabic in English

Learn Arabic in English

Learn Arabic in English

Learn Arabic in English
Learn Arabic in English

Arabic is one of the earliest languages in the World and is still found in its original shape in the form of the Holy Quran. The people connected with Islam wants to learn Arabic to teach their religion Islam if they are non -Arabic speakers. In this regard, many madrasas (Islamic school) teaches Arabic to their students. Besides religion, it has also significant importance all around the world due to the availability of the largest markets in Arab countries which provides you the largest opportunities for business development.


Arabic learning for an English speaker is difficult to some extent but continuous consideration and stability are requiring to learn this language in a very short period of time. The demand for content varies from person to person. Some want to improve speaking skills and pronunciation while others want to improve writing and reading skills. In this article, I will discuss the whole area of interest which will be helpful to you to some extent. Arabic alphabets are considered prior to be discussed. It will be helpful to learn how to pronunciation letters and how to write them.

You can check the Arabic vowels related to Arabic alphabets, so you can easily understand the Arabic phrases. Memorizing the words is really necessary because these are the building blocks of a language, try to memorize them. The best way to learn is that create a list of your favorite words through different sites and pages available on the internet. These pages provide the following helping materials like adjectives (blue, red) food and house (bread, apple) animals (cat, dogs) body parts (face, cheeks) time, and weather (every day, sunny) verbs (infinitive form). you can create a list of your favorite material and can memorize it.
Learning Arabic Grammar is also necessary to use the words incorrect form and you will be able to use them accordingly. You are also required to learn Arabic numbers, adjectives, a list of pronouns, a list of prepositions, how to conjugate the verb, use of feminine and plural. Furthermore, you need to learn how to translate names into Arabic. Grammar is the basic code to learn instantly, once you become familiar with grammar you will be able to use words correctly which you have memorized earlier. By following these rules, you will a master’s in Arabic within no time.

Let’s see how to learn
Arabic Alphabets.
Arabic alphabets are written and read from right to left horizontally. There are 28 letters in Arabic alphabets
Arabic letters
Arabic letters are different from pronunciation because they choose pronunciation in Arabic
Reading Arabic
Arabic letters are written in the connected format in separated forms like in English. eg WELCOME= welcome =
Arabic vowels
Short vowels
not a part of Arabic alphabets and written as marks below or above the consonant
Canada =Cnda =
Long vowels
They put stress on given vowels
I=oo or uu
Arabic phrase
English phrase Arabic script

Good morning Sabah el kher

Arabic pronouns
Subject pronouns are more specific
Singular Dual Plural
I ,Ana,
You ,Antuma,
We ,nahn,

Arabic nouns
Masculine to feminine: add ‘taa‘( )
Tefl child masculine tefla child feminine
Singular to plural: add a suffix
Shajara (a tree) shajarat
Arabic verbs
Take infinite form by using the past form and conjugate it with third-person singular “he.”
To draw =rasama= (he drew)
Arabic present tense
Extract the stem from the verb in the infinitive first

Singular Dual Plural
I draw=arsumu You draw=tarsumani We draw=narsumu

Arabic past tense
Extract the stem from the verb in the infinitive form

Singular Dual Plural
I write=katabtu You wrote=katabtumma We wrote=katabna

Arabic future tense
Use sa or sawfa
Sa aktubu = I will write
Sawfa aktubu = I will write
follow the nouns unlike English
a small house:baitun sagheer
Arabic comparison
add the word methla
he is as tall as Ali=howa taweel methla Ali=
or add the prefix ka
howa taweel ka Ali =
use the word Akhter
A is more beautiful than B
A Akhter jamalan men B
Use aqal, an men
The stars are less shiny than the moon = annojoum aqal diaya an men al qamar =
Superlative degree
Add al and omit men
Fatima is younger than Fatima =Fatima asgher men sofia=
Fatima is the youngest = Fatima hia al asgher =
Arabic interrogative and negation
Interrogative: Use hal to start a sentence
Does he have a house = halladaihibait =
Negation: use laa
I don’t like it = laaohibbuha =

That is all little about the Arabic learning that how u can learn it in English The main objective of this above-mentioned information is to make you understand about the nature of language and its prospective. Different online courses are available in this regard. you can simply learn from these courses in detail with highly Qualified tutors and teachers.

Al Azhar Quran Teaching is such an online program that can provide you with all the needs you require. Being a part of this institute you will feel easy to learn because of the availability of highly qualified teachers and tutors. They are available to make you familiar with the Arabic language. This program also provides other courses which you can easily enroll to learn within a few times. You can easily access this site and can enjoy your learning because of a highly suffocated environment. You can easily ask your tutors if you have a question in your mind. Furthermore, all the tutors are easily accessible either on audio/video calls. Live sessions are also conducted and you will feel learning face to face. If you have a thirst to get something and you find it all in a single platform, then you are a lucky man. So make yourself that lucky man and be a part of this institute and feel proud. Learn Arabic in English is although a tough job but constant consideration and devotion are necessary to achieve your goal. So be ready to devote yourself to such an interesting task and start learning with AL Azhar Quran Teaching.


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