Islamic Supplication

Enrol in our online Islamic Supplication (Dua) course led by highly qualified scholars who have graduated from prestigious institutions like Al-Azhar University and other renowned Islamic universities worldwide. This course is ideal for beginners, including children and adults, who wish to learn the fundamental Duas. You will gain knowledge of essential daily supplications recited by Muslims and the correct method of making Dua. Additionally, the course will cover the significance of Dua, the interpretation of verses in Duas, proper etiquette for Supplication, and specific Duas for occasions like Eid or fasting.

About Islamic Supplication Course

“Duʿāʾ”, “Duaa”, or “Dua” are terms used in Islam to refer to the act of supplicating and remembering Allah (SWT).
There are generally two types of Duas: ones that are made for asking and ones that are made for worshipping and expressing gratitude.
Du’a, or Supplication, is considered a particular voluntary act of worship in Islam. Muslims recite Duas at various times throughout the day and night, in different situations and activities, to seek Allah’s forgiveness and satisfaction.
At Quran Ayat Institute, we offer an Islamic Supplication course that helps individuals, including children, learn daily Duas through personalized one-on-one live classes taught by qualified Islamic scholars.
What sets the Dua course by Quran Ayat apart is its ability to be customized based on the student’s age, goals, and level of knowledge. Both children and adults, regardless of gender, can learn Islamic Supplication (Du’a) online from a professional tutor in the security and amenity of their homes.
Although our Islamic Supplication (Dua) online course is suitable for all ages and genders, we highly recommend that individuals or their children who need to learn how to read Arabic first complete our Learn Arabic Course before beginning to learn Duas.

Content Islamic Supplication Course

1. Introduction
● An Islamic Supplication course is a comprehensive guide designed to help Muslims understand and perform their supplications accurately.
● This listicle will provide a breakdown of the content you can expect in an Islamic Supplication course.
2. Comprehension of the Significance of Supplication
● The course will open by accentuation the importance of Supplication in Islam.
● It will explain how Supplication is a mandatory act of worship and A moment for spiritual connection with Allah.
3. Right Articulation and Reading
● The course will teach you to pronounce and recite the verses and supplications of Supplication correctly.
● You will learn the correct articulation of Arabic words and phrases during Supplication, ensuring a more profound spiritual experience.
4. Understanding the Postures
● You will be taught the correct postures that make up each Supplication, such as standing (Qiyam), bowing (Ruku), prostration (Sujood), and sitting (Jalsa).
● The course will provide in-depth explanations of each posture’s significance and proper techniques.
5. Common Mistakes to Avoid
● The course will address common mistakes made during Supplication and guide you on how to rectify them.
● You will be provided with practical tips to ensure that your Supplication is performed correctly and by Islamic teachings.
6. Supplication Etiquette and Manners
● The course will emphasize the importance of observing proper etiquette and manners during Supplication.
● You will learn about cleanliness (taharah), appropriate clothing, focus, and humility while engaging in Supplication.
7. Benefits and Rewards of Supplication
● The course will highlight the immense rewards and benefits of regularly performing supplications.
● You will gain insight into the spiritual, mental, and physical benefits of establishing a consistent supplication routine.
8. Practical Demonstrations and Assessments
● To reinforce your understanding, the course may include practical demonstrations and assessments.
● You can put your knowledge into practice, receive feedback, and further improve your supplication skills.
Completing an Islamic Supplication course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to perform your prayers correctly.
This comprehensive course will help you connect with Allah through Supplication and deepen your relationship with Islam.
*Note: The content of an Islamic Supplication course may vary depending on the specific course provider or instructor.

Who should enrol in an online course on Islamic Supplications?

The Dua’a Online Course suits Muslims of all ages, including children and adults. This course is essential for both you and your child to learn about the prayers mentioned in the Sunnah and daily and occasional prayers to seek Allah’s protection and mercy.
In our daily lives, we are constantly surrounded by evil and temptations. Therefore, following the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH), we are encouraged to seek refuge and support from Allah through daily supplications. These supplications act as a shield for us.
Contexts include during supplications, before eating, and after waking up. Through the expertise of skilled Islamic scholars, you and your children will understand the purpose and importance of Dua in the “Dua” course. This convenient online class caters to Muslim brothers and sisters by instructing them on the correct way to articulate supplications in Arabic, covering various situations, including supplications, mealtime, and mornings.

What do you wish to discover in this course?

You will learn the following:
● About Islamic supplications and their significance and how to properly make a supplication.
● The manners and etiquettes of Supplication.
● The meanings of Quranic verses related to Supplication.
● Essential daily supplications, supplications for various Islamic occasions, and supplications for waking up and sleeping.
● Supplications for wearing clothes, undressing, and going to the toilet.
● Entering and exiting the house and mosque, ablution (wudu), and prayer.
● Dealing with bad dreams, anxiety, sorrow, debt, and supplications for childbirth and during pregnancy.
● Placing children under Allah’s protection, visiting a sick person.
● The funeral prayer, rainy weather, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Why Should You Take This Course?

In the Quran [40:60], Allah (SWT) states that those too proud to worship Him will enter Hell, while those who call upon Him will receive a response. To seek refuge in Allah’s satisfaction and forgiveness and to protect oneself from various forms of evil, it is essential to recite dua and Azkar at specific times of the day.
Whether you are about to go out, enter or exit the bathroom, eat, or drink anything else, this Islamic supplication course for adults and children will teach you all about “Duaa”. Supplication shows a Muslim’s faith and signifies their reliance on Allah Almighty for help and blessings, even in the most minor matters. Learning Islamic Supplications (Duaa) is an act of mercy and healing for the soul, allowing Muslims to stay connected to Allah (SWT) at all times, regardless of their daily activities.