Revert to Islam course

revert to Islam courses The experience and the study have shown that the process of reversion to Islam is a life-changing one, with profound challenges and thus needs to be handled with sensitivity and care. The most successful factor in helping new reverts to Islam is practical training, coaching and mentoring by experienced Islamic workers and volunteers. This entails an entire process of helping potential reverts with information and counselling they need and answering their critical questions about Islam. There is  a social integration initiative for those who revert called ‘The Path Finder Forum.’ This action helps the Reverts to know anything they need to know about Islam and its rites.

Revert to Islam course” is an online course provided by “Al-Azhar Quran Teaching” for new Muslims. In this course, the teachers help the new Muslims reverts to understand the basics of Islam such as how to make (wudu’) ablution, how to perform the five daily prayers, how to do fasting in Ramadan, how to calculate the portion of Zakat (alms) and how to perform Hajj (pilgrimage).

Moreover, the tutors teach them how to do voluntary acts of worship such as the remembrance of Allah (Dhikr), giving charity (Sadaqa) and making Du’a (supplication).

The teachers of “Al-Azhar Quran Teaching” do their best during this online course to make our new brothers and sisters feel free to ask any question about Islam, and they kindly answer their questions wise knowledge and wisdom. The teachers give them a clear vision about any controversial issues they may ask about. Moreover, they teach them Islamic views about Hijab, engagement, and marriage.

We provide online courses for new Muslims and provide beneficial introductory programs about Islam, its basic rituals, principles and how they can adopt Islam to be a way of life. We provide everything new Muslims need to learn about their new religion. We teach them how to perform prayers, fasting, paying alms and pilgrimage rites.

Guide for Converting to Islam

In this course there is a structured syllabus for revert classes provided on two levels: The first is the basic level, and the second is an advanced class, each one involves two months of training for Reverts. Distance Learning classes for the needs of Reverts who wish to study Islam while they are comfortably at home and need not go to Islamic centres.
The course contains main topics to teach:

– The purpose of life according to Islam

– The testimony of faith

– An introduction to pillars of Islam and articles of faith

– Prophet Muhammad’s life

– Preservation of the Holy Quran

– Beginners Guide to the Quran

– The call to prayer

– Manners of attending the Masjid

– Good habits for new Muslims to develop

– Voluntary prayers

– The prohibition of backbiting and lying

– The value of Honouring Parents in Islam

– Major sins in Islam

– Sincerity in worship

–  Definition of Jihad

The religion of Islam assures that to achieve real peace of mind and serenity of soul; one should subjugate to Allah and live according to His Divine Law. Thus, this course is formed for the new revert Muslims to clarify to them the great truth of Islam.

Allah says in the Noble Quran:

“The only religion with Allah is Islam (submission). Those to whom the Book was given disagreed among themselves only after knowledge had been given to them being insolent among themselves. He who disbelieves the verses of Allah indeed Allah is Swift in the reckoning.”  (Surah Al – Imran, verse 19.)

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