Islamic study online

Islamic study online

Islamic study online

Islamic study online is the more critical term for Islamic culture. It comprises of all the traditional methods of religious beliefs and practices. The tradition includes kalam, Islamic theology and fiqh, the Islamic jurisprudence. It also integrates fields usually considered nonspiritual in the West which is Islamic science in addition to Islamic economics. In a non-Muslim milieu, Islamic studies commonly refer to the ancient study of Islam. It can consist of Islamic evolution, Islamic past and historiography, Islamic regulation, Islamic divinity and Islamic viewpoint. Researchers from diverse area participate and discuss ideas regarding Islamic civilizations.

Islamic study online is a significant step, in the direction of helping Muslims globally to accomplish the Prophet’s wish to seek the acquaintance of the religion and to correct and improve their understanding of its creeds. The online program entails of recorded audio and videos of lectures in various languages. The tutorial lessons in a virtual teaching space. The curriculum is based on the program selected by the student or seeker. There is an online mid-term assessment at regular intervals to supervised the progress. Student’s admittance in their classes can be done at convenience. However, assignments have to be submitted, and exams have to be conducted at fixed times.



 Islamic study online has many benefits to those who are considering it as an option.

  • Affordable- its online so no transport requires to reach. E-books shared online and interaction with global masters and students at no travelling cost.
  • Manageable- it’s online so that who have odd working hours can afford to learn at their time table.
  • Global teachers – a person can be present anywhere with any timeline yet learn Islam at his convenient time and preferred language.
  • Networking – once online one can be globally connected to his religion and its happening and enjoy the celebrations and teachings.
  • Selection – many options in terms of who will teach you and at what price one wants to pursue becomes a luxury.



Teaching authentic Islam, true knowledge and customs, providing a trustworthy platform globally through the Internet, considered God’s work solely. Spreading the cultural pleasure is an honourable life-goal and an assignment well worth surrendering all of one’s dynamism and resources for. Islamic study online is considered to be a respectable work in society. The Islamic Internet-based Operational University aims to aid global entree to quality scholar and advance level education plans for students at an effectively lower cost. The sole agenda is to Transform the Muslim realm and the creation situation through suitable education. Islamic study online is a widely accepted way of learning Islam nowadays. Anyone living in any part of the world can afford Islam.

It matters what one is reading than how he is reading. The quality of education depends based on selecting the right platform and nothing else. The idea is to learn the culture no matter what you do for a living and with whom you live, the roots should be respected and cared for.


Objectives of Islamic Studies

Islam, as a belief, is very dynamic also realistic and ethical, as it is in alignment with the life of man in universally. Islamic study online wants a pro approach with flexible pattern in the social order. The aim of Islamic studies differs from prime level to advanced institution level. It empowers a Muslim, have necessary information passed on to us by God, to live a respectful and just life. Below are mentioned a few objectives that outline the entire course. As per religion, one must learn and apply specific Islamic ways to live life.

  • To empower a Muslim to be mentally comprehensive & physically strong and spiritually wise to exercise a healthy lifestyle.
  • To cultivate in a Muslim, the essence of brotherhood and acceptance to enjoy harmonious life in the surrounding culture.
  • To fully apprise a Muslim regarding the socio-political also the economic concerns of his current world so that he/she can enjoy their roles in the shared circle of diverse nature, peacefully.
  • To guzzle in a Muslim and their society a humble lifestyle both for kids and adult, man or a woman. the objective is the same for all who born in it.


Scope of Islamic Studies

Islamic study online, is an all-inclusive topic that is so inclusive to the extent that it disregards nothing, consider all. It is observed as the Creator of all subjects possible. Therefore, its insides are carefully separated into five different topics, gently mentioned catering to anyone interested, as follows below.

  1. Tawhid (Theology): in this section, it is associated with the Islamic doctrine which involves the learning of the qualities of Allah and the connection of the Creator with the mortals especially manhood as well as the acceptance in the Prophets, written manuscripts (books), Qadar and eschatology. All the mystical knowledge is studied to lay proper points of divinations.
  2. Fiqh (worship and philosophy of law): in this section, one focuses on the various means in which Allah is to be worshipped. Also, to grasp what are the rules and principles divinely, he has stated lawful and unlawful. This also comprises the five-strong columns of Islam.
  3. S ī rah (journey and past of the Prophet): in this section, the antique life of Prophet Muhammad along with his conduct is observed and learned. This also contains the past life facts of the four truly guided Caliphs with additional Muslim intellectuals.
  4. Tahdhī b (Ethical and Social Instruction): in this section, Islamic studies pacts with the theme of moral and societal teachings of Islam. It holds the Qur’ ān and Sunnah.
  5. Qur’ ān: The disclosure and compilation of the Qur’ ān are there along with an explanation (Tafsīr) and details of its revelation. Grounded in the above study, it can be inferred that Hadith or Sunnah has been unified into Sīrah instead of standing autonomously. This is for the history of the Prophet necessitates everything in his lifetime, counting his maxims and actions. On the other hand, hadith involves the living past of the Prophets.

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