Islamic studies for kids



Islamic studies for kids When one starts learning at an early age,  he/she learns perfectly. That is one of our visions in Al-Azhari Quran teaching; to start learning with kids from the very beginning. They provide a very professional and qualifying program of Quran and Islamic studies for children, to prepare and qualify them to memorize the Noble QuranHafezeen. This course also concentrates on Islamic studies for children.

So we should realize that Islamic education for children is the best way to be better Muslims and humans as well.

Muslim kid should know some essential basics about their religion. They should know that Islam is not that religion which derives its people from enjoying their life; but the religion that permits everyone to enjoy life without doing forbidden actions, as Muslims should avoid doing haram deeds, and those who abstain from committing sins enjoy pure and delightful lives. They must know that by following the prophet’s actions and deeds, Allah (SWT) will love them and consequently people would love them because all of the prophet’s actions were good and benevolent.

In this online class of Islamic studies for kids, the teacher teaches

the students some other information to know, such as; the Islamic names, and why all Muslim parents should give good names for their children. Students learn the meaning of their names, and whom he or she is called after. Students learn about the prophet’s Sirah (tradition), and if he or she is called after a sahabi or sahabia (companions of the Prophet); he/she should know about this Sahabi/a, and what he or she did for Islam. During the course of Islamic studies for kids, the teacher helps students to memorize a zikr (remembrance of Allah) for a day, du’a, and he/she memorizes one of Allah’s names every class and knows the meaning of it. The teacher tells the students stories about honesty, truthfulness, to evoke their observing and applying these manners while dealing with others, they are also evoked to be benevolent to others. The student learns how God rewards those who have good manners, and how those good people affect the society and how their manners can become reasons for converting many people to Islam all over the world.

اقرءوا القرآن فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعًا لأصحاب

“Read the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection.”

If Muslim families make the Noble Quran a family daily routine, all members of the family can gs ain benefitfrom such blessed activity.

.You can suggest  elder children to keep a pocket-sized version of the Noble Quran with them. They can use these to recite the Quran verses in their free time. They can recite some verses from the Quran  while they are sitting in the bus, waiting for the train or an appointment, or any other moment where they would otherwise be ‘wasting’ time.

The prophet said, “The Quran will come on the Day of Judgment and say, ‘So Lord! honour him. ‘So that person will be made to wear the crown of honor.

Through this course, the kid will memorize some supplications of the morning and evening and know that these supplications are for protecting him/her. She/he also will learn other supplications like, what they should say before eating, before and after entering the bathroom, and when entering the house and getting out of it, supplications in a way to the mosque, when entering, and when exiting. They will also learn some of Allah (SWT) names, and their meaning. Moreover, how we can make dua by using these names. They will learn some of the prophet’s hadiths and will learn through them how the prophet had excellent and noble manners. The teacher will encourage the student to follow the noble and faithful prophet (PBUH). They also will learn some of his Sirah, which is access to know his great companions. Students will appreciate the companions of the Prophet and will know how great they were, and how they had great and noble characteristics because they follow their prophet (PUH).

Through this course, students will be taught level one of the Islamic studies for kids. In this online course, the student will learn the basics of Tawheed, Sirah, Hadith, tafsir, and some good manners and Islamic etiquettes. They will know that Allah is One, He is the creator, the giver of life, All-Hearing. Students will know about Iman-The Faith of A Muslim; which includes; the messenger of Allah, the angels, the book of Allah.

This course also includes an explanation of the five pillars of Islam, how can they perform Wudhu (ablution), the five daily prayers and how to perform them. There is also a part of the biography of the prophet (PUH). Kids will memorize some Dhikr and Du’aa. They will learn some proper manners like using the right hand, the etiquette of using the toilet, etiquette of eating and drinking, etiquette of going out, the etiquette of sleeping. They will learn how to deal with parents in a way that pleases Allah and bring His blessing and forgiveness.