Islamic studies for adults


Islamic studies for adults


As per Santrock (2011), the formative time of adulthood is partitioned into three phases. They are early adulthood at 21 years old to 39 years of age, centre adulthood the age going from 40 to 60 years of age, and late adulthood the age starts from 61 years or more. In each phase of adulthood as appeared by Santrock, requires an alternate arrangement of difficulties and individual needs. Through these stages, grown-up student needs may contrast starting with one phase then onto the next stage as such the learning objective must meet this gathering of grown-up students. ). The character of grown-ups’ students is dictated by the differing encounters they experienced during adolescence under the consideration of their folks, introduction to physical conditions, individuals around them, and the school they contemplated. 

Islamic Learning 

“Discuss for the sake of your Lord who made, Created man from sticking substance. Recount and your Lord is the Most Generous, Who educated by the pen, Taught man what he knew not.” (Al-Alaq: section 1-5) These stanzas disclose the significance to secure information as it is the extraordinary endowment of Allah to humankind and the noteworthy relations among information and Islam. These stanzas contain the message to all humankind the significance of perusing, educating, getting the hang of, thinking, testing, investigate, explore, advance, and so on. The Quran characterizes Islam as a living framework. Quran is a wellspring of unadulterated truth that contains the disclosure of Allah. Islam can be comprehended as accommodation and acquiescence. An individual who acts as referenced in Islam is known as a Muslim, which is to obey and submit to the desire of Allah. The educating of Islam was coordinated to complete the gift to nature marvel known to mankind. 

Quran and Sunnah 

The Quran is Allah’s statement that contacts the human heart, psyche, and soul and in this manner, it is one of a kind in its trademark. It is participating in the recounting of the Quran when it moves to start with one point then onto the next theme that arrives at the consideration of the peruser and on occasion putting the words subliminally in the peruser’s mouth. The Quran clarifies all part of life which is constantly pertinent to any specific situation or condition or circumstance with a token of its definitive objective the fundamental for humankind to be obedient to Allah. The connection between the Quran and the Sunnah is extremely significant and significant. The usage of the substance of the Quran was shown through the Sunnah. The Sunnah gives a viable clarification of the educating of the Quran to stay away from any misconception of the aim of the Quran. The Quran characterizes the character, conduct, and laws to give completely clear of its importance. Allah’s direction is all-encompassing by methods for the Quran and the Sunnah for the availability of all humankind.

How we can Make Islamic Knowledge Attractive to Our adults 

We show our kids Islam the very way we were instructed by our folks. Furthermore, they showed us the very way they were instructed by their folks, etc. Without a doubt, regardless of to what extent humankind keeps on existing on the substance of the earth, the Divine content of the Quran and the Prophetic idioms of Prophet Muhammad will never show signs of change. We are not supporting a change to the content, regardless. What we are pushing is the renewal of the instructing strategies so our young can be increasingly enlivened to get familiar with the deen.

To promote this contention, a statement from one of the masterminds of our Ummah will assist us with understanding the issue better. It was Ali who stated: 

  • Train your youngsters with preparing not quite the same as your preparation, since they have been made for a period not the same as yours. Take a gander at the astuteness of Imam Ali! For what reason wouldn’t we be able to gain from his adages and the maxims of different scholars like Imam Al-Ghazali? For what reason wouldn’t we be able to move toward the instructing of Islamic examinations diversely for once so our childhood can be enthralled by our rich legacy? 
  • Islamic training rises above remembering what to peruse during the five every day supplications. It is most likely not restricted to what Halal is and what is Haram. Islamic training ought to mirror the reason for which the deen was uncovered. It should underscore the way that Islam is certainly not a mechanical religion however a total set of principles. 
  • We should hence move toward the instructing of Islamic investigations in an unexpected way. In reality, as we know it where Hollywood on-screen characters and media characters are viewed as good examples, we should show our childhood the valour of different Muslim characters of both the old and new ages. Exercises on the life of Saladin and other incredible Muslim characters will be a decent beginning. 

So let us rejuvenate our Islamic focuses in our neighbourhoods. Let us make the Islamic focuses the magnets of society that they should be. Let us arrange family exercises there just as occasions that advances the Islamic lifestyle. 

Along these lines, we will have the option to confer Islamic information to our childhood.

Why do Islamic studies Online? 

There are no confinements on the individuals who need to contemplate Islam on the web. Every single Muslim child needs to become familiar with the embodiment of their actual religion — relying on the best way to trail the prophet’s outline of life and conviction, the tongue that Allah pushes off to direct disclosure, and how to evade sin to carry on with a spotless life. 

Muslim adults may find themselves needing to improve their comprehension of Arabic. Islam considers Online, with essential language help or for cutting edge order of law and arrangement. Web-based learning makes it conceivable and appropriate for a total family to join together and study the heavenly Quran to accomplish a significant obliging of their confidence. 

Last words

Worldwide instruction has immediately moved to advanced information. Studies approve that the customary measure of time devoured utilizing on-screen commitment and learning is progressively developing far and wide. Islamic Studies online framework causes understudies who needed to learn on the web.

Islamic Studies for Adults

   As there are many branches to study, there is Islamic studies too. Adults can memorize Quran and learn many things about Quran such as Tajweed, Hadith and Tafseer(interpretation of Quran). They also can have the chance to study all the Islamic Studies for more knowledge about Islam. 

   To have such studies helps Adults to know more about faith and Allah, it gives them the chance to learn about the Arabic culture and practice Arabic Language.

   Many students specially, non-Arab, look forward to leaning more and more about Islam, that’s why Islamic studies is the perfect option for them to be good Muslims.


why Islamic studies is good for adults?

  • Islamic Studies deepen Islam more and more in Muslims life.

Islamic studies confirm Islam for Muslims, he will learn more about Islam and Islamic history. Islamic Studies student can have great knowledge about Islam. He will study religion and civilization which are considered the vital road of Islamic history to be able to answer any question about Islam.

  • Islamic Studies strengthen the connection between man and Allah.

Islamic Studies teach the student when Islam begin. It starts with the beginning to exist, and explains how Allah was paving the road to Islam through the past religions by Prophets and messengers, then it presents life in Islam.

  • Islamic Studies bring many opportunities for work.

After doing Islamic Studies, there are many jobs to have such as Quran Sheikh, educator for anything related to Quran, or Tajweed Teacher, Hadith teacher etc.

  • Islamic Studies provide a respected and fantastic position.

      Islamic Studies gives the man a great position, he can call people to Islam, he          can advise people, he can do anything related to Islam because he has studied       and learnt many things not everyone know it.

      Branches of Islamic Studies:

  •         Aqedah.

Aqedah tackles some basic beliefs such as learning about Allah, Angels, Prophets and messengers, Holy books, Judgement Day and Destiny.

Aqedah is the main branch in Islamic studies, it talks about the faith and Islam.

  •         Fiqh. 

Fiqh is the Islamic law, it discusses many issues and matters about Islam. Also, it helps to understand many rules and answer many questions.

Ir contains five rules of Islamic Law. 

  1. Wagib(obligatory).
  2. Haram(banned).
  3. Mustahab(recommended).
  4. Makrouh(disapproved).


  •         Hadith.

Hadith is the record of sayings of our prophet Muhammad, and his actions, what he says, asks, and prevents. It is the tradition of prophet Muhammad.

Islamic Studies in Hadith cover many things like Types of Hadith and study of Matn. Then, it covers also Qudsi Hadith. So, you can study all Hadith of our prophet and what Allah says (Qudsi Hadith).

  •         Islamic History.

Islamic History discusses all period of Islam from the beginning of Islam and our Messenger Muhammad called for till our recent life. 

It covers everything about Islam such as the achievements of Muslims, the Islamic law, regime and all different sides of Islam.

It tackles the politics, economy, social conditions and education through Islam.

To study the history of Islam is so important for being a Muslim. It leads them to the right history. It talks about the heritage and traditions of Islam, it is not just like a video or something no, it is books it is materials talking about the Islamic history.

  •         Tafseer al Quran (Interpretation).

Tafseer is the interpretation of Allah’s book which is the Holy Quran. It helps us to understand the exact meaning of Allah’s words. 

Also, it recognizes the purpose of each Surah to know the morals of each. Quran is a life so, we need something to explain this life for us yo achieve Quran’s aims.

So, Islamic studies for adults is so important for their faith and Islam. They could know anything they want to know; they can study everything about Islam to know the civilization and the history of it. They also can know about the rules of the Islamic law, they will not have to ask anyone about anything or search because they will know and learn everything. They will memorize Quran memorize all Quran and complete memorizing it. It is not only about Quran. Through Islamic studies, they will learn anything related to Islam. So, they will memorize Quran with the Tajweed, they will learn the rules of tajweed, all the rules. Then, they will study the Tafseer (the interpretation of Quran) then they will study Hadith to memorize Hadith of our prophet Muhammad.

   Islamic studies provide guidance to the right path for Islam and provide Islamic knowledge four children and adults. It is not just like how to do things like how to pray, how to perform abolition, how to recite Quran. It talks about many things not only the basics, it tackles and discusses even the deep things; it is not for teaching what to do, it is for teaching how to live as Muslim. So, Islamic studies are so important in Quranic teachings and traditions

 Studying Quran is so required for new Muslims. Islamic studies teach Islamic values, teach the history and the Quran for the new Muslims to define the Muslim identity. Islamic community schools teach the Islamic law and rules, it is not like telling them what to do and what not to do as Muslim, no, it talks about how to live as Muslims and how to act in life with Islamic world; learning Quran teachings and prophetic traditions.

So, Islamic studies are so important to adults to learn the Arabic language, the language of the Quran and Islam ,and to know more about the Islamic culture or history to know the identity of Muslim.

Many families and parents are so keen to teach their children about Islam, they try to find the perfect teachers or the perfect schools to teach them Islamic studies or to memorize Quran.

 Now, there are many academies and schools or companies provide Islamic studies learning and there are also online schools or academies to ease the processs of teaching with perfect teachers.






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