Islamic stories for the kids

Islamic Studies for the kids

Islamic stories for the kids


Numerous spots in the Noble Qur’an, accounts of various prophets, kings, and countries have been referenced for us people to take exercise and use it in our everyday life. What’s more, Allah (SWT) has introduced issues relating to wars, harmony, family, religion, society, and numerous other various subjects, as stories and accounts. By perusing these records, we people can fathom and separate right from wrong. Improve our ethics and become great Muslims.

It is imperative to instruct Islam to our kids in their youth. We can without much of a stretch twist tree toward any path when they are still little. Be that as it may, when the trees become enormous and tall, even ten individuals pushing together can’t twist them. Thus, showing youngsters Islam with the utilization of short Islamic Stories when they are youthful is valuable so they follow the correct course. They will obey seniors and will demonstrate a superior person.

Why the stories are significant?

In the Islamic worth framework, the human spirit resembles a light. On the off chance that the bulb is shielded from residue and soil, it will edify the region; however, on the off chance that residue and earth are permitted to gather on the bulb, at that point it won’t have the option to light up the zone as splendid as in the past. Also, the human spirit must be shielded from profound earth and uncleanliness; else, it is preposterous to expect to manage the individual the correct way.
Here, we would know about the short Islamic Stories by Muslims about different Islamic subjects, similar to Muslim Characteristics, Islamic Unity and Muslim Ummah, Charity in Islam, Concept of Companionship, and kinship Islam, Kindness, and Generosity in Islam.
This is an enormous assortment of soul contacting and moving stories alongside some genuine Islamic Stories that will incite helpful musings. This enormous assortment of Islamic Stories takes into account the overall population, youthful and old the same, any individual who is familiar with the fundamental abilities to peruse and learning.

Gaining from these stories

We trust that the children, after experiencing these Islamic Stories and accounts, think about them and take exercises from them so they can make inside themselves, another impulse towards the flawlessness of ethics and God Willing, the individuals who are supplied with excellent ethics, ought to identify with others, for amendment and cure of the more vulnerable spirits. As saying goes, the aroma of blossoms spreads just toward the breeze, But, the decency of an individual.
Quranic stories

Here are some stories from the Quran

  • Habil and Qabil (Abel and Cain)
    This is the story of Habil and Qabil are the children of the prophet Adam (alaihis salam). It is mentioned in Surah Al-Ma’idah (5:27-31). It is the tale of the absolute first wrongdoing on earth, the principal murder, realized through Qabil’s jealousy of his sibling, his brother, and his refusal to acknowledge Allah’s Will. It was Qabil’s selflessness, the foundation of all malevolent, that drove him to kill his own brother.
    From this, we learn two things: that an individual’s abhorrent aims can dazzle him to the ethics of others and that, as Habil, the individuals who keep up their righteousness ought to be solid in their confidence and abstain from returning malice for insidious. We likewise discover that Allah sends us messages and lessons in numerous structures, although the activities of an animal are as little as a winged creature.
  • Harut and Marut
    The Story of Harut and Marut, as given in Surah Al-Baqarah (2:102,103) gives away from the act of dark enchantment as an antiquated system utilized by Satan and his assistants, the devils. At the point when Satan attempted to spread wickedness by crediting the forces of the Prophet Sulaiman (alaihis salam) to enchantment, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) chose to clear up the distinction between enchantment and the wonders given to the prophets by Allah. He, in this way, sent the two blessed messengers Harut and Marut to earth to caution men that to learn and rehearse dark enchantment was an indication of mistrust in Allah and that enchantment couldn’t get viable until Allah permitted it.
  • Moses and Al-Khidr
    The Story of Moses (alaihis salam) and Al-Khidr (alaihis salam), as referenced in Surah Al-Kahf (18:60-82), instructs us that even the prophets of Allah the All-Knowing have just as much information as Allah awards them. The scrutinizing psyche of man, when over the top, thinks that its difficult to be persistent and quietly acknowledge what it can’t comprehend, rather than convincing him to get some information about it. As his unassuming hirelings, we should, in this manner, follow the Divine Plan in persistence and acquiescence, recollecting that the Knowledge and Wisdom of Allah far surpass our own.
  • People of the Cave
    The Story of the People of the Cave, as given in Surah Al-Kahf (18:9-26), gives us how Allah ensured the genuine devotees, the main ones who revered Him (SWT), the Almighty, in a place that is known for agnostics. As a result of their dedication, Allah made them rest in a cavern for 309 lunar years (300 years), and when they arose, they felt as if they had just dozed a day. This story shows us the Truth of the Resurrection. On the off chance that the youngsters dozed for 300 sun-based years and were stirred unaltered, He (SWT) Who kept them right now that time can revive and reestablish the dead, much after their bodies have gone to tidy.
  • Owners of the Elephant
    The Story of the Owners of the Elephant, as given in Surah Al-Fil (105:1-5), shows the intensity of Allah in protecting the two his asylum and the genuine devotees who were its overseers. In his pomposity, the leader Abraha accepted that nothing could vanquish his immense armed force, so he walked toward Mecca with the expectation of pulverizing the Ka’aba and compelling the clans to love the congregation he had constructed. In any case, between Abdul Muttalib’s supreme confidences in the intensity of Allah Almighty, the refusal of Mahmoud the elephant to walk into Mecca, and Allah’s wonderful abrupt decimation of Abraha’s military, the story gives an incredible exercise to all who are misled by pride in their strength.


These beliefs or Inspiring Religious Stories will give motivation, expectation, and consolation to the individuals and makes mixing and craving in them better themselves as well as other people around them. Or on the other hand, we can say that these confidence or Inspiring Religious Stories can change an individual’s life for eternity. Keep in mind, life is negligible and void without God and nothing can be more regrettable than losing confidence in Allah (SWT).



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