How to memorize the Quran

How to memorize the Quran

How to memorize the Quran In most of the Arab Muslim homes, when a child grows up and starts speaking; they send them to the nearest Quran center to start memorizing and learning the Quran. But, what are the steps of memorizing the Quran? And what can Muslims who do not find traditional Islamic centers do?

Learning Quran Online

Yes, learning Quran online becomes the key to every problem Muslim can find when starting memorizing Quran. By joining online Quran centers, he will not be vulnerable to any time or money lost; he will not be overtaken by any bad weather changes, and will no longer worry about long distances between him and the Masjid or the Quran center. He can learn Quran Online from the comfort of his hose. Muslims should prepare for Quran memorizing; he has to put in mind some steps. Before going to memorize the Quran, Muslims should have good intentions (Neyyah). Muslim should think that his Hefz and his learning of the Quran are for Allah’s sake, to make Allah satisfied with him. He should be free from wanting people’s satisfaction and opinion. His intention should be pure and dedicated to his Allah the Almighty. He also should be insistent and determined to memorize Quran, and not to give up for any reason. He also should continue under any pressure or reason, even he might sometimes make his hefz shorter, but he shall not stop memorizing.

Steps for memorizing Quran

When you start learning and memorizing the Quran, there are some steps that help you to memorize the Quran. 1-You should search for a teacher or a center to help you learning and memorizing the Quran. If you do not find traditional ones, you will find a lot of Online Quran centers that teach the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies online. 2- Try to make your Hefz or memorization every day as possible as you can. And make a “Werd” to read every day; that Werd will help you in memorizing Inshallah. 3- Try to have new Hefz every day, and be sure to have revision for your old Hefz to keep your memorization in mind. 4- Try to choose the time of memorizing, it’s better to memorize while it’s quiet around you; and the best time of memorizing is the time before and after Al-Fajr till the sunset. 5- It’s better for you to use to memorize from a specific copy of Mushaf, and not to change it because that makes your memorizing and revising easier, the best Mushaf copy that I can recommend for you, is Almadinah Mushaf; try also not to change the place or the center you are memorizing at if it works good for you and helps you, for the same reason. You should have a company that can encourage you; a friend, a brother, a sister, or a relative. 6- Reciting what you have memorized in your prayer will help you to keep it in your mind also. 7- Try to see the translation of the Quran that will really impress and influence you and it will help you in memorizing and reading. 8-The Last important role, but not the least is repeating, and practicing; the golden role. This is the most important thing to do (repeat) if you really want to keep your Hefz in mind.

Quran Online

You now can join the Al-Azhar Quran teaching academy, and enjoy memorizing Quran online with the most qualified Arabic native speaker teachers. Al-Azhar Quran teaching academy is the best to fit your schedule. Just enroll your name in our academy, and start the Quran memorizing program that is set to help you learning and memorizing Quran online.


The companions (PUH) were not memorizing the Quran for the sake of memorizing; they were accompanying their memorization with action. They were trying to be among the best Muslims. After the prophet’s death, his companions do their best to gather the Quran in a Mushaf, so that they can keep it from distortion or losing it. Yes Allah (SWT) says that indeed it’s a noble book in a protected tablet, but companions want to deliver this holy book to us, Allah had made them the main reason to deliver the noble book to us. They felt the responsibility of da’wa, and completing the message of the prophet so that they would have disciples who would continue their way and deliver the Holy and great book to us; May Allah be please and satisfied with them.



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