Arabic Learning for Kids

Arabic Learning For kids

Arabic Learning for kids

Arabic Learning For kids
Arabic Learning For kids

The trend of teaching the Arabic language has been raised due to those families who are living abroad or one of the parents is an Arabic speaker. They wish to teach Arabic to their children because it is necessary for you to speak the mother tongue of that area where are you living.
Teach Arabic to your child is not such a hard task if you are inspired to do it.

1. start to interact with them at an early stage
Interaction before childbirth is very important. A child can hear to its parents before its birth. It is scientifically proven that a child can feel all activities of his mother in a womb. If you want to learn that fetus something starts from that point because the fetus is hearing you at that time, try to talk with him in Arabic before his birth. And continue to talk to him even in his early days. In those days you, “The parents” are the only image to imagine in any sense like your actions and your body language and your speaking language.
In this way, he will quickly receive what you want to learn and he will start to learn sooner than your thought. It is not wise to talk to him in another language and wait for him to grow and then you will start to teach him Arabic. It is totally discouraging.

2. Need to remain consistent
Learning Arabic is a difficult job if you are living in a non-Arabic country then you should keep in mind before starting to learn your child that you have to remain consistent and sickly bound to your aim. In

Arabic Learning For kids
Arabic Learning For kids

the beginning, it may be difficult but in the end, the reward will be yours. So the need is that you have to keep patience, especially in these circumstances if your child has not yet spoken a single word\. The miracle can be very very close. In the case of bilingual children, they begin to speak Arabic, fluently after some blockage. So be patient and continue your efforts. Indeed, life means continuous struggle, so keep struggling and never give up, one day you will be succeeded in your mission INSHALLAH.


3. Play in ARABIC

Arabic learning during playing is the name of much acceptance and ease for a child. A child can quickly receive while playing instead of attending an Arabic class. This tool is very important to keep in mind to teach a child Arabic because it creates more fun for a child. Different kinds of tools to learn the Arabic language and some interesting games are also available at some publications and you can learn a child with these fun tools easily especially the Arabicubes is the best example to learn your child easily in a funny and entertaining way. This game also motivates my writing and speaking skills. That is the main aim of the game Arabic couples that urges the player to chat by playing and communicating their search for couples from various countries.

4. Use of Arabic videos
The use of screens for a child is very dangerous due to an adverse effect on his health, so try to keep away all those items from a child. That’s why simple games in wood or cardboard to play, to learn, and share happy moments with friends and family is encouraged.
Anyhow, if you watch the screens often try to watch Arabic videos or movies specially created for a child to learn. It will add essence to learn as a child always amuse to see that kind of animated videos. Choose a good vocabulary is your duty. So good results can be obtained.

5. Arabic stories
Arabic stories can create fun for children to start reading Arabic stories on daily basis. Reading is a very essential component and is just like building blocks to learn Arabic to your children. For this purpose, you can start reading small stories and albums in Arabic to your baby at the age of 6 months.
You can add more flavors to your sentences from time to time. Have fun with your child by reading stories in different styles.

6. Visit your heritage /hometown
It has been proven that a child can learn fast by playing with another child. They can quickly adapt by seeing other children. To obtain goods results it is suggested that to take your child to his cousins and grandparents and let them free to talk. You will see within one or two weeks your child will speak Arabic without any hesitation. If the child has refused to release his first word in Arabic such a stay will release him. When your child releases the words and you will be proud when you see your child “open up” speak Arabic with confident interaction with friends and cousins is very important to learn quickly so try to create such an environment to learn your child instantly.

Arabic Learning For kids
Arabic Learning For kids

7. Travel to Arab countries
Choose Arabic countries because it will be a golden chance for your child to explore more Arabic dialects and you can easily motivate your child to adopt this language.

8. Good terms with Arabic speaking families
Always try to keep good terms with Arabic-speaking families. Meet them and create a group of friends having some Arabic language. It will create harmony and develop an interest in your child to learn this language when she/he will interact with other children. He/she will try to speak like their children.

9. Subscription to Arabic lesson
You can increase your child’s learning capacity more by simply subscribe to Arabic lessons online or at the school level. It will also boost up your child’s confidence through a proper educational channel like reading and writing.

10. Registration to Arabic workshop
Register your child to Arabic workshops will be helpful. There are different kinds of workshops either on cooking, dramas, paintings and so on. This type of workshop will increase your children’s interest to discover and learn Arabic in a group.


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