My name is shimaa, Iam 23 years old.

I start memorize Quran in 10 years old and I finished the first

khatma in 15 year old , I will study kraat and start to memorize

shatebiaa ,I finished study in collage Dar al alom in Cairo

University , I have egaza in Hafs so I take it in 2010 and egaza in

Bagdadia Qaaida , I speak Arabic and English good ,I finish

studying in maahad Al Arkam AbnAby Al Arkam

I studied Al Agroomya and katr al Nada in Arabic ,I start to study

in Acadamy Zaad and Snaat Al Mahaawer Acadamy ,I like reading

and learn new in my work ,I like reading in literature, grammar

Arabic and Al Arood,I can use office program word, powerpoint

and painter program and I can use skybe ,zoom and the Technology Devices