Quran recitation course
Are you interested in learning how to read the Quran with the application of Tajweed rules properly? Our Online Quran Recitation Course is designed to help you achieve this goal quickly and confidently. Throughout the course, you will learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and recite the Quran using Tajweed rules from the very beginning.
By the end of the course, you will be able to fluently and beautifully recite the Quran with accurate Arabic pronunciation. Regardless of your age or level, it is never too late to learn how to read the Quran with Tajweed.
Course Contents
The topics covered in our courses include Noon and Meem Mushaddad, Qalqalah, heavy and light letters, Al-Isti’aatha and Al-Basmalah, rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween, rules of Meem Sakinah, Lam Shamsiyyah and Qamariyyah, Madd and its types, Makharij and Sifaat, stopping signs (Waqf), and much more.
Note that our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs and interests.
Course Goals
• Providing accessible Quran learning opportunities for Muslims from all backgrounds and countries.
• Practicing and improving fluency and accuracy in Quran reading while applying Tajweed rules.
• Pronouncing Quranic letters correctly.
Who is eligible to participate in our online Quran recitation course?
If you are looking to enhance your ability to recite the Quran, this course is perfect for you. Even if you have no prior experience, don’t fret because we will start with beginner Quran reading classes. Our qualified Quran tutors will provide you with detailed instructions, allowing you to learn how to recite the Quran with Tajweed through online lessons and practice reciting it in a beautiful and precise way.
During these initial classes, you will be taught the Qaida, the Arabic alphabet, the fundamentals of Quran recitation, Tajweed rules, and basic Arabic lessons.
What sets our online Quran recitation course apart and makes it unique?
There are various online platforms for learning Quran recitation available, but the Quran recitation course online Tajweed course offers unique features that make it superior to other online Tajweed classes. The following aspects distinguish our Quran Recitation Online
Classes and make them the ideal choice for you:
1- Expert male and female instructors for virtual Quran classes
Before entrusting them with the task of teaching Quran learners, all of our male and female Quran teachers have undergone a thorough assessment and selection process. They have received comprehensive training, and many have graduated from Al-Azhar University, an esteemed institution in the Islamic world. Moreover, they possess an Ijazah, a certification that demonstrates their authorization to teach the Holy Quran with Tajweed, granted by recognized Sheikhs and scholars in Egypt.
Furthermore, there are significant benefits to learning Quran recitation and memorization with Tajweed rules from native Arab teachers through online platforms. Since the Quran is revealed in Arabic, it is crucial to learn from proficient Arab Quran tutors who can guide you in accurately pronouncing Arabic letters using the proper articulation points. This is essential for achieving correct Quran recitation. Additionally, our tutors have excellent English language skills, allowing them to effectively interact with learners and deliver Quran lessons effortlessly.
2- Personalized online classes for Quran recitation and Tajweed
Our teachers provide personalized online Quran Recitation courses to ensure that each learner receives proper attention, resulting in an engaging, efficient, and enjoyable learning experience. Compared to group classes, our one-to-one online Quran classes are 30% to 40% faster as students receive undivided attention and can recite the Quran swiftly, saving time and effort for the learner.
3- Regular reports provided on a weekly and monthly basis
At the Quran recitation course, our teachers will continuously monitor and evaluate your progress and performance. Each month, they will send you reports comparing your current performance with previous ones, allowing you to gauge your level of improvement. Our expert Quran tutors are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your goals and will provide full support and guidance throughout your learning journey.
4- Reasonable fees for the courses offered
Our goal is to provide the best Quran teachers and unparalleled online Quran teaching services at affordable subscription fees for all learners who seek authentic Quran recitation. Unlike other institutes and centres that demand high fees for their classes, our online Quran classes are a cost-effective and dependable alternative, ensuring both quality learning and affordable pricing.
Different stages in our Quran reading classes

Recitation is a challenging skill that requires a lot of practice and revisions. In order to excel in this skill, it is necessary to break down the process into smaller milestones that can be achieved with accuracy.

For the Quran recitation course, we have divided our Quran reading course into two levels.
In Level 1, you will learn how to read the Quran fluently with basic Tajweed rules. This will help you improve your pronunciation and articulation.
In Level 2, you will learn advanced Tajweed rules to recite the Quran perfectly and professionally. These rules are essential for recitation and can only be understood and practised after successfully completing Level 1.
Once you have cleared both levels, you can enroll in an Ijazah course in Level 3. This course will further enhance your skills in all 10 Qiraat and give you formal permission to teach others.
Through the guidance of our expert teachers, students will receive instruction on how to accurately recite the Quran in the manner conveyed by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This includes in-depth training on Tajweed rules such as Ikhfa, Idgham, Iqlab, Ghunna, Qalqala, Makhrij (points of Articulations), and rules of Waqaf (stopping rules during recitation), all of which will be practically applied.
Upon completion of this course, students will possess the ability to read the Quran while adhering to Tajweed rules. Additionally, your Quran teacher will establish a schedule for you to regularly review and refine your recitation skills, ensuring continued improvement.