Quran Memorization Course

Quran memorization course the Noble Quran takes effort and sincere commitment. However, the rewards from Allah are immense in this worldly life and in the Hereafter.

This online course is established for those who want to memorize the whole or part of the Holy Quran. Our expert tutors will guide the learners step by step, recognizing that each student learns at their own pace, to reach their aims.

Quran memorization course in Al Azhar Quran teaching is very excellent for learners who seek to start memorizing Quran classes online without the fear to forget it. This course is for those who can read Arabic easily in a proper way. So if you can just read Arabic, even without understanding, you can enroll yourself in this online course. The Quran tutor will take it step by step with you till you achieve your goal.

The tutor will read the verses with Tajweed (in a correct way) and then he/she will ask the learner to repeat after him/her. He/she will do this process many times till the learner can recite the verse clearly without any mistakes. Then he/she starts the following verse, read it and you will repeat after him, and so on.

In each class, the learners will have certain Quran verses for new memorization, some verses for front revision, and other verses for back revision so that they will not forget what they memorize.

This course is also perfect for children, so if you would like your kids to learn the Quran, you can enroll them in this online course as well.

Our teachers in Al-Azhar Quran teaching can follow up with them and help them memorize the Noble Quran easily and perfectly. You can start your online course with our qualified Quran teachers from any Surah (chapter) that you would like to start.

Classes are via voice or video calls through Skype or Zoom, which are apps that can be simply used.

Classes are taken at a suitable time.

Hifz Quran online for adults & children:

Our Hifz Quran online Courses intend to help all the students for both (adults & children) to memorize the whole or a part of the Holy Quran. So, Our experienced and professional Tutors have Ijazas to help all students to achieve their Quran memorization main objective.

This course is made to attain the Itqan level in Hifz Quran online through one-on-one Classes and The students (adults only) can learn advanced topics in Qiraaat with the objective to get perfection in Quran memorization or  (Itqan).


So if you or your kids would like to start memorizing the Noble Quran or you already memorize the whole Quran and want to revise or memorize some Surahs and want to continue, you can enroll now in our program. Our program includes: memorizing the whole Quran, memorizing a certain Surah (chapter) that you want to memorize, or memorizing the last part of the Quran (Juz ‘amma).

We have qualified male and female tutors that can help you and your family to memorize the Noble Quran, Allah willing. (In shari’a Allah).

So do not miss the chance to join Quran classes online from Al-Azhar Quran Teaching.This course helps students to memorize the Quran. It’s a very all-inclusive course to help students and put an end to their worry about forgetting what they have memorized.This course is established to help those who want to be Hafizeen of the Quran. Our program is for those who can read Arabic very well, have a good command of the Arabic language, and who read it with its different movements easily and properly. Students can start memorizing the Quran now.

In the online classes, the teacher asks the student to prepare a hard copy of Mushaf (the book of the Quran), a notebook, and a pencil. The Mushaf should be for the student’s own use because while reciting with the sheik, he will mark with him the mistakes. This will enable him to highlight and concentrate on its correctness during his memorizing process. The student is asked to make a timetable, make a column for new Hifz (part for memorizing), one for the surah (chapter) learned before, and one for revision. This program is perfect for all students because it helps them always revise their Hifz. So, the student will have no chance to forget any of the Quran he/she has memorized.

Hifz Quran online Ijaza:  FIRST :

Ijaza: means permission, and the technical meaning is the permission to recite or read through establishing a chain of narrators. So, In this course, the learner of the holly  Quran can have Ijaza from certified tutors.

Our tutor will grant the learner an Ijaza for memorizing the  Quran when the student memorizes the whole Quran in front of him with the Tajweed rules.

Quran hifz or memorization Ijaza or  (Certificate) Requirements: The

Memorize the Whole Holy Quran with  Hafs upon Aasim from the way of Shatibiyah.
 Pass the Tajweed rules exam, too.

Learn  goals: 

How to Recite perfect memorization of the Book of Allah
Learn  the general meanings of the verses
Learn the reasons for revealing the verses.

The students  choose one of the following programs of the  courses:

First  – Memorizing the last Juz (just 30).
Second – Memorization of the short Surahs.
Third- Memorization of some selected Surahs chosen.
Fourth – Memorizing the whole Quran which means taking  (Ijaza).

Hifz Quran online course: is one of the ways where students can memorize the whole holy  Quran by their heart. So,  Your status in your life will be raised again. So,  We have a good experience helping students to memorize Quran online, too. We have provided our best services in memorizing the Holy Quran when you stay comfortable at home with your internet. So,  It’s not difficult to memorize the Quran at home because we know how a student goes verse by verse and gradually leads to what he wants from the beginning.

Our perfect methods for the memorization of our holy Quran

  1. we have lessons every day
  2. we recite a memorized part.
  3. So, This is the number of verses of the Holy Quran you have memorized in the last few days. This is the most important part of the  Lessons we take.
  4. The  Old memorization, too.

These are all of the parts which you have memorized before and become old lessons of memorization of the  Quran.

A small note: Quran memorization course is taught just to those students who are capable of reciting the Holy  Quran perfectly with Tajweed.


In the verse of the Quran, we offer the course “Memory of the Quran”, where we have gathered for you the best scholars and specialists of the Quran. At the beginning of the session, a detailed schedule will be discussed with you, and our specialists will help you follow it to reach your goal in the allotted time.

You are subject to two temptations to ensure that the Quran remains with you for a long time and that you do not forget it; Forgetting the Quran has serious consequences.

With double reviews, tests, and trials, we will ensure that your Koran remembers that it has not been punished and that it will never be wrong. Subsequent courses will also be held every month to help you review your Surah and learned legends.

Also, your teacher will work on memorization and help you overcome any memory problems.

In the Quran verse, we have the native male and female Quran, which specializes in teaching the Quran. They keep the Ijaz and have the right to teach the Koran to children and adults. Then register for the course “Memory of the Quran” and become Hafiz / Hafiz of the Holy Quran.

Azhari  Academy shows great  Quran recitation or hifz online courses for adults and children, too. Our teachers will provide a set schedule that will help the student to recite and memorize new verses and also revise what he or she has already memorized, too. The total duration of this course depends on the time and effort that each student & tutors do.

The easiest way to memorize the Noble Qur’an for adults

Dr. Magdy Ashour, An advisor to the Mufti of the Republic, revealed how to memorize the Noble Qur’an, noting that the best deeds are the most lasting, even if it is less.

He recommended, in a fatwa registered to him, adults and children of them not to increase in memorizing the Qur’an with a maximum of 5 lines, to make it easier for them to review after that, noting that the most beautiful thing that increases memorization is reading what is preserved in prayers, as well as urgency in reviewing.

He also instructed parents who want to protect their children to make them memorizers of the Noble Qur’an and adherence to noble morals.

We have too main parts to memorize the holy Quran by heart

Quran recitation courses online

Quran recitation with its tajweed rules

Quran Recitation or hifz Courses: is set for those who would like to start the journey of reading the Holy Quran under some brilliant tutors.

What is the Holy  Quran Recitation means? 

It’s the act that your whole person, soul, heart, mind, tongue, and body participates.

Is it necessary to learn Recitation?

The Quran is a very important book for all Muslims. It is very important to all the Muslims

Recitation of the Quran can be very difficult. All Muslims have to stick around by very strict rules within their religion which includes when we practice recitation of the Holy  Quran.

How can we learn Recitation or hifz Quran course online? 

Quran classes online have been shown to be one of the perfect methods for people to learn the  Quran recitation, whether it is kids who learn Quran recitation or adults doing it.

What does Tajweed mean?

The word Tajweed linguistically means “ to do something very well to be perfect”. It points to the rules for learning how to recite the Holy Quran correctly.

Is it necessary to learn Tajweed? 

If a person doesn’t understand the attributes of each letter of the Quran, there is a possibility that the reciter of the Holy Quran will change the meanings of its words in the Quran recitation. So,  We must strive to give every letter of the Quran its rights and its dues, by observing the essential characteristics of each letter of the holy Quran. So, we would learn how to recite the Holy Quran.

How can I learn Tajweed rules online? 

Arabic letters have Makhrij or  (exit point) from the mouth or throat. They also have Sifaat (characteristics). Knowing the Makhraj and Sifaat of each letter is the basic rule of Tajweed.

Through one-to-one live classes or sessions with our native Arabic tutors, it will be very easy for the Quran student to learn Tajweed.


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