Quran for Kids



Learning the Holy Quran for kids


Rights of Kids in Islam

quran for kids Islam defines many duties upon Muslim parents towards their kids.  Quran for kids on the Day of Judgment. And because kids represent the true wealth of Muslim society, and the real treasure kept for the future, Islam imposes abundant rights for kids upon their parents. Every Muslim parent owes duties to his/her kids even before they are born. Choosing a well-mannered, pious and educated spouse is one of those essential rights and care about Quran for kids. Giving them good names, feeding them halal food, treating them kindly, applying justice in dealing with them even in cuddling and kissing them and educating the Quran for kids well are responsibilities of parents.



Why Should We Teach the Quran for Kids?

Quran is not only the Holy Book of Muslims; we must teach everything in it to our kids in courses of Quran for kids. It is rather our divine constitution which guides us in all aspects of our worldly and religiously life. Quran is the Muslim’s perfect method of life; it contains divine guidance for all Muslims of all ages. Children in the Quran for kids, hence it is essential in every Muslim family to teach Quran for kids and to instil the divine principles in the Quran in our kids’ hearts and minds

Quran for Kids the Meaning of Love

While learning the Holy Quran for kids, our kids recognize many examples of true and deep love in the stories of Prophets and Messengers of Allah in courses of Quran for kids. They learn the meaning of love within a family and feel the love inside the hearts of the believers towards their Lord and towards each other. They can realize that in courses of Quran for kids the deep love between Prophet Yacoub (Jacob) and his son Yusuf (Josef), between Ibrahim and his son Ismail, between Prophet Zachariah and his son Yahiya, between Moses and his mother, sister, and brother.  All of that by teaching them the Quran for kids they can feel the great love of Prophet Muhammad for his Ummah (nation) and the sincere love of his companions towards him and among themselves.

Moreover, most verses of the Quran shows how great love and care that Allah (SWT) is having for His faithful servants. Thus, learning Quran for kids makes our kids’ little hearts blossom out the purest kind of love.  In courses of Quran for kids, they learn how to direct their pure hearts to the Creator with deep love, fear to displease Him and hope for His vast mercy. Then they learn how to develop strong ties, love, and mercy towards their family, neighbours and the whole of humanity.


deep love in the stories of Prophets and Messengers of Allah


The Impact of Quran for Kids‘ Intelligence and Personality:

– Learning the Holy Quran at an early age has a remarkable impact on the minds and personalities of our kids. Reading the Holy Quran for kids and understanding its meanings on a daily basis enriches and enlightens the minds of kids. It helps them develop mature characters and unique personalities.

– While learning the Holy Quran for kids realize the striving and suffering of Messengers and Prophets to prove the divine truth to their people. The stories of those Messengers and Prophets inspire Muslim kids to do Quran for kids so that they can strengthen their faith.

– While learning the Holy Quran and especially the verses dealing with the creation of the universe, the creation of man, animals, plants and earth, kids’ minds recognize different fields of knowledge which helps them identify their areas of interest to study in future in courses of Quran for kids.

– Learning the Holy Quran for kids, memorizing it and revising it on a daily basis with other members in the family gives an opportunity to learn Quran for kids to practice cooperative learning and it also reinforces ties within a family.

– There is nothing like learning the Holy Quran for kids so they can enrich the kids’ for learning Quran for kids classic Arabic language and correct their pronunciation of Arabic letters and sounds.

– Learning the Holy Quran at an early age like courses of Quran for kids instils studiousness commitment and seriousness in the characters of young kids which provides them with the features needed for success in their study, their practical and social life as well.

– While learning and memorizing the Holy Quran, our kids while they are doing Quran for kids are being blessed with Allah’s Great Mercy and showered with His love and compassion. This pure atmosphere has an impact on the kids’ manners and behaviours. They interact with other people while adopting the ethics of the Holy Quran for kids which makes them as if they were little angels walking on earth.

Quran for kids For all those previous reasons, all Muslim parents should do their best to teach the Holy Quran for kids if they want to seek great reward from Allah in this worldly life and in the Hereafter. If you want to register with our Quran for kids course you kindly fill this forum