New Muslims course


New Muslim course is an online course devoted to teaching the basics of Islam to non Arab Muslims and new reverts. Well qualified and competent teachers should teach new Muslims the pillars of Islam and how to actualize each of them.

Sure it is the matter of the fact that Islam is one of the most widespread religions in the world. Every day many Western and Eastern people convert to Islam and join the nation of the Noble Quran. Those new Muslims need to learn about Islam, its rituals such as how to perform daily prayers, how to fast, how to pay the alms, how to make Omrah and Hajj, how to make Dua (supplications) and how to read the Noble Quran.

What Does the New Muslim Course Provide?

New Muslim course should provide all spiritual and religious needs for the new Muslims. It should also help them build new social relations with other Muslims and strong bond with the whole Muslim Ummah (nation). To achieve that right ligation between new Muslim and the Muslim Ummah, new Muslims should learn a lot about Islam. Hence a new Muslim course should teach new reverts everything about:

-The Five Pillars of Islam:

In “New Muslim course,” learners should be informed that it is mandatory for each Muslim to be aware of the five pillars of Islam and to teach them to his/her kids.

The first pillar is to testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. The second is to establish the five daily prayers as long as you are alive. The third is to pay Zakat (alms) if your wealth reaches the limit specified for Zakat. The fourth pillar is to observe fasting in Ramadan as long as you are not sick or traveling. The fifth is to perform Hajj (pilgrimage) if you are financially and physically capable.

– How to establish daily prayers:

The first thing “new Muslim course” should teach to new Muslims after reciting Shahada is how to establish daily prayers. They should know that establishing prayer is equal to establishing Islam, and neglecting it means driving away from Islam. Teachers should show learners practically how to pray, times of prayers, some Rak’ahs in each prayer and the verses and Du’a to recite in each position.  New Muslims should learn that prayers are the most important pillar of Islam and the first act of worship the Muslim will be reckoning about on the Day of Judgment.

– How to perform fasting:

“New Muslim course” should teach new Muslims how to fast and the time of obligatory fasting in Ramadan. They also learn that fasting can be a voluntary act of worship in other specific days such as on Monday and Thursday, on 13th, 14th and 15th of every lunar month and the day of Arafa. Teacher in “new Muslim course” should focus on the spiritual effect of fasting and how it is an extraordinary act of worship because it is only between the servant and his/her Lord; no one else interferes to corrupt it. That is why Allah the Almighty appreciates fasting a lot and gives an ample reward for it.

– How to Read and Memorize Short Surahs of Quran:

“New Muslim course” should teach learners how to read and memorize short Surahs of the Noble Quran so that they can recite while establishing daily prayers. Well qualified and authorized Quran teachers should teach new Muslims, especially non-Arabs, how to recite Quran with Tajweed and help them memorize some Dua’ (supplications) to be repeated every day in mornings and evenings.

– How to perform Omrah and Hajj:

In a new Muslim course, learners should also study the Islamic rituals of Omrah and Hajj. They should be informed about the immense reward of making Omrah and that Hajj is an obligatory act of worship which imposed on every adult, healthy Muslim who can afford it.

– Remembering Allah (Azkar):

In “new Muslim course,” learners should learn that Du’a (supplication) is the brain of worship; meaning that making sincere Du’a is essential in Islam. Allah (SWT) always reminds us in the Noble Quran about the massive power of sincere Du’a. Muslims should direct to Allah with Du’a in everything they do in their daily life. They ask Allah the Almighty for His guidance, steadfastness on Islam, sincerity in worship and faithful heart. They should also learn how to pray Istikharah before taking decisions about significant events in their lives.

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