My name is Mostafa Mahmoud Farid. I live in Cairo. I am a student at

Al-Azhar university, Faculty Of The Languages And Translation, Islamic

Studies Department, Third year. I'm also an Imam and Khateeb at

endowments (Awqaf) ministry since 2013. I am a Quranic tutor.

Alhamdullulah, I have memorized the whole Qur’an by heart when I was

14 years old. then, I have studied at Al-Masarawi center and graduated

in 2013 with Ijaza (High Esnaad) to the Prophet (peace be upon him). I

have also another Ijaza in Quran and in Tagweed. I studied some old

Islamic books at the Islamic section In Al-Azhar whish is hold by Shikh Al

Azhar D Ahmed Al-Tayeb . Throughout 5 years of experience in teaching,

Allah has aid me to develop a variety of styles that suites everyone. It is

my greatest honor to teach Al Qur’an as the prophet (peace be upon

him) said " the best among you are those who learn the Quran and teachit" I encourage my students to do those best and pronounce it correctly