This is Mohamed Farid. I am from Al-Azhar University,

Bachelor's degree at faculty of languages and translation,

Islamic Studies Department. I am a Quranic tutor.

Alhamdullilah, I have memorized the whole Qur’an by

heart when I was 14 years old. I have an Ijaza (High

Esnaad) to the Prophet (peace be upon him) from Al-

Masarawi centre. I also have another ijaza from D/ Abd

al-Fattah Madkur. I studied some Islamic books at the

Islamic section In Al-Azhar which is held by Shikh Al-

Azhar D/ Ahmed Al-Tayeb. I'm also an Imam and Khateeb

at endowments (Awqaf) ministry since 2013. I have been

teaching the Quran and its sciences since 2013. It is my

greatest honour to teach the Qur’an as the prophet (peace

be upon him) said ” the best among you are those who

learn the Quran and teach it". Throughout 5 years of

experience in teaching, Allah has aid me to develop a

variety of styles that suits everyone. I encourage my

students to do their best and pronounce it correctly.

Non-Arab speakers, At first, must be taught the basics of

the Arabic language as a foreign language, including how

to pronounce the Arabic alphabets with vowels, and how

to read some Arabic words with different vowels, which

they can learn from Nour al bayan book or al qai'da al

Nouranya book. Then they can practice the language

from al arabiyyah bayna yadayk book which will help

them practice the four skills: listening, speaking, reading

and writing, as well as some of the Islamic culture. We

can use Kur’An Lisani Elifbasi which is a great book. Then

they can start learning how to read the Quran well by

listening, repeating and memorizing. They can learn just

2 or 3 verses at the beginning. It's important they know

the meaning of the verse and the cause of revelation at

the end they may be taught the rules of tajweed and

apply it while reciting the Quran. It’s my great pleasure to

teach Non-Arab speakers and I ask Allah to forgive us, bless all we do and make it for His sake.