Learn Quran online

To Learn Quran online has become easier than ever. Especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus, online mediums and modes became active more than ever. From getting your convenient time to customizing your learning everything has become possible.

Since most colleges and schools teaching Quran were closed due to pandemics, the online mediums improvised their teaching methods and worked on getting better results. Today, it won’t be wrong to say that online mediums are far better and can save a lot of time for learners.

Advantages of learning Quran online

Let’s put together all the advantages of why you should learn Quran online:

  1. Safer mode of learning

When it comes to commuting during a pandemic, online mode is a much safer medium for any age group. When you opt to Learn Quran Online, you can just restrict yourself to laptops and can avoid all kinds of physical meet-ups such as interacting with other students in class or the trainer.

  1. Learn from any location

Instead of driving or walking down to your learning center, you can actually take classes from anywhere in the world. You can join the best institute by not even being physically present in the same city or even country. Even a local commuter can save time and energy by just signing up for a zoom session. The comfort of home is also an important factor when it comes to women learners.


  1. Customization & time flexibility

One of the best advantages of learning Quran online is choosing time as per your schedule. If you work in the mornings you can choose an afternoon batch or an evening batch etc. Even if you miss classes you can learn through a recorded session.


  1. Cost-effective learning


When you learn Quran online you can end up saving a lot of money. Since offline classes provide an institute facility they end up charging more to cover their base cost. But when classes are held online the scenario changes completely. This brings down the cost of online classes when compared to an Islamic school or Madrassah. Also, you end up saving your money for commuting and many unseen.

  1. One platform with multiple courses

One platform to learn Quran online can cater to any age group and gender. Be it Quran courses for beginners, advanced Quran classes for kids & Quran classes for adults, there are courses for everyone’s needs. Both males & females can join these classes and select the tutor of their choice.

  1. Tutor-student one-on-one interaction

While you can learn Quran online in a batch there is also the facility of joining one-on-one classes. If you wish to succeed in learning by having greater and focused concentration, you can select the tutor and class and attend it solely on your own. This way the tutor can focus entirely on you and clear all your doubts and confusion. This is a great option for kids who need more attention than adults.

  1. Learn from world-class & experienced Quran teacher

 Since the Quran comes from the Arabic language it’s important that your tutor should come from an Arabic background that is well versed in pronunciation. Only when you learn Quran online from the best you will be able to learn the correct recitation of the Quran. You can even get exposure from the different experts from Arabic countries.

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  1. Extended Online Support 24*7

 Even before you join our online courses, you can talk to our customer support services. They can guide you through the whole process right from explaining the courses to helping you select the right course. They can even suggest what level, of course, you should join. Be it a beginner course or an advanced course. Most customer support motivates the kids and even adults to join the courses and even finish them. Once you join the course, the report is shared weekly so that you can assess your progress and pull up your performance in case any part is lacking.

  1. Flexible payment plans

 When you signup offline for Quran classes you usually have to pay the fees in one slot. But when you signup to learn Quran Online you get the flexibility of paying it in installments. If you opt for self-study with our uploaded document for Quran learning it’s free of cost. If you take guided learning with a tutor you can book it with your credit card, you can get it financed, and pay the fees in installments. This flexibility is a great opportunity for students who are looking to learn online but cannot shell out a lot of money instantly. It is also amazing for the working class who get an opportunity to clear their fees in a few months and take care of their other expenses in the same time frame.


Online Mediums For Online Learning

 There are several mediums that can be used for online learning. The sessions can be held using zoom or private videoconference. The tutor and student both can log in to the online sessions via credentials. There is also an app facility where students can log in for sessions. These online sessions have a great audiovisual facility that helps students, especially kids to learn and memorize the Quran verses.

Students who are not from Arabic backgrounds can avoid any uncomfortable situations when classes are held online. All the hesitation can be avoided for female candidates especially the ones who are introverts. When learning Quran online, it gets easy for the students to clear their doubts, ask questions as many as possible, and ask again.


 In the age of digital, every student must think of joining an online class for Quran because of its immense benefits and advantages. From resolving time & cost issues to providing the comfort of home, every student can use this online facility at their convenience. So call our customer support now to get all information in one place and request the process of joining the Quran classes today.


About us

Learn Quran online Quran is the divine word of God and it holds the secrets of this world and the hereafter. For a Muslim, it is obligatory as well as a moral obligation to learn the Quran so that he can understand the instructions of God and live life accordingly.

A Muslim must spend more time in daily life learning this Holy Book. He should follow the commandment of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in learning the Quran and know its great virtues as the Hadith said: “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it”. [Al-Bukhari].

Alhamdulillah nowadays, learning Quran online is facilitating Muslims in all parts of the world, to learn recitation of the Quran. Until a few years, when the internet was not accessible to everyone, studying or teaching was considered virtually to be nearly impossible.

It becomes an easy way for Muslims, new Muslims, and their kids to learn. All they need is a PC, a headset with a microphone, and a broadband internet connection for Learning Quran online. In addition, whether it is for free or paid, it is one of the most useful and efficacious measures to help Muslims around the world, it is a cooperative program, cheaper, comfortable and reasonable in learning what you need about the Quran, Islam and Islamic basic teachings in the light of the Quran, Sunnah, and Hadith.

It is useful for everyone, particularly for people in those countries who do not find skilled Quran tutors easily. Students of any age in any country can join online classes in learning the Quran in their place on their schedule.

As for Parents and their children, they can find it easy too to learn the Quran at their home, so they do not have to push their kids away anywhere. They will have peace of mind that their kids are receiving education within their home building as they sit before their eyes.

Learn more

First, learn Quran reading.

The Quran learning online course consists of several levels of learning. Quran reading is the first step of Quran Learning. The beginner-level course, which meant for children and adults who are starting to read the Quran for the first time. In this course, students should learn “basic Arabic characters”, their pronunciation, and how to join them to form a word with it. In the end, the students will be able to read the Quran on their own.

The best for you is to choose a varied learning program revolving around everything related to the Quran and all that you need to know. Contain an introductory course regarding the principles involved in the reading of Quran Assistance in Quran recitation and translation. Including lectures on the basic Ideology of Islam and the matters concerning daily life Quran Memorization assistance.

Choose good online Quran teachers.

A good Quran tutor is one who is aware of the knowledge of the subject in a comprehensive manner, so for this matter, it is difficult to find good Quran teachers easily. However, not anyone can be a qualified teacher. Have you ever thought if the tutor is qualified really? Does he know actually what is he teaching? If a person could read the Quran well, it does not mean that he could be qualified.

There are specific ways of pronouncing and reciting the divine book. Therefore, finding and choosing a good Quran teacher for oneself or one’s kids is an activity that requires a caring attitude. He should be qualified and has experience in teaching different age groups. Being patient is one of the hardest jobs that Quran teachers can do. As different kids or adults have different levels of understanding, hence good teacher is the one who has enough tolerance to pick up the level of comprehension of every kid and personnel and then adopt the teaching hinge plan accordingly.

It is easier than you think, all you need is to find an appropriate academy, to enjoy Quran classes, within your home through qualified professional Quran tutors. It does not matter how young or old are you, or if you are a beginner or not, with the help of highly qualified tutors that you trust, they will guide you from basics lessons gradually improving to a higher level.

you can learn from Shiekh Husary and Shiekh Abdelbaset.