Quran is a holy book of Muslims, which contains teachings and principles from the prophet. When in doubt the Quran provides the ultimate guide to every learner. The holy book has the power to show the right direction to its disciples and help them head toward their goals. The learners just by understanding the Quran can earn what they wish. Learn Quran for beginners can be a course that people with interest can join. If you don’t know where to start but have the intention of learning, then a beginner’s course will help you learn the basics and recitation of the Arabic words making the learning curve easier.

Why is it important to learn Quran?

Learn Quran for beginners is an easy approach to learn everything about the holy book. But every age group must understand why should they know about this book before they start reading it.

Be it a kid or a full-grown adult, learning the Quran verses will bring out the spirituality in you. Once you know the teachings, you will have a more established relationship with the prophet. The bond would be stronger once you understand the value and importance of the Quran in your life. You can self-educate yourself about all the rewards life has in store for you if you do the right thing once you read the teachings coming from the creator directly.

Quran is not just for the mortal life you live but its teachings will help you in “life after death”. Quran is the guidance system for life but you can make sense of it only when you truly understand every line written in it. For this, you must sign up for the “learn Quran for beginners” course.


Learn Quran for beginners is a course best suited for kids and adults. Not every person who is Islamic or Muslim can be expected to know Quran by heart. Kids belonging to second or third generation or adults who have recently converted can surely find this course helpful.


What can you expect from the “Learn Quran for Beginners” Course?

-Get a hold of the Language

Even before you can get to the book, your biggest challenge would be to understand the Arabic language. The kids and newly converted Islamic people might find it very hard to just read and write Arabic. Thus, the course will help you with the very first obstacle. The course will get you the basics clear and sorted. There are several ways you can start such as talking to teachers at school, mosques or talking to professionals in Islamic centers, etc. You can even join an online conversation or community that is solely for beginners.


Get better with recitation

Once you are able to read the words and phrases in Arabic you will have to move on to the next level which is learning to recite them. You must know the correct pronunciation. The wrong recitation may lead to the wrong message coming out hence through these classes you can learn from scratch. There are online recorded sessions too that can help you speak syllables and words by breaking them down. You can certainly devote some extra time to get your recitation correct.

-Practice for perfection

We make a routine for every learner so that they get in the habit of reading & writing. We push you to learn till the time you reach perfection. An everyday practice will for even 10 mins make you better at recitation and reading.


How to learn Quran for Beginners for a lifetime?

You must not focus on simply memorizing the verses but understand what’s written inside the Quran. The learning’s from the book of Allah must stay with you for a lifetime, as it is the ultimate guide of humans. This can be achieved best when you can bring it into everyday conversation. All you have to do is find a suitable time every day to practice it and then sit quietly while reading or reciting it. You must make it a priority to revise it every day. Sometimes it can be in written form or reciting form. At last, you must believe in Allah who is overlooking you and blessing you with his grace so that you can master the Quran with your intelligence.