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ijazah program Al-Azhar Quran Teaching offers for you a very unique Ijazah program now you can from your home take the Ijazah then send it to you in your home at any part of the world

Kind of Ijazah

we have two kinds of ijazahFirst Memorization Ijazah program

Second Reading ijazah program. in this time the Shiekh or imam will read with you all the Quran until you perfect your reading for Memorization ijazah program or perfect your memorization.

all that you do is to register with us now from the forum and our agent will keep in touch with you then you start your journey of learning.

Online Ijazah Course

Reading ijazah program allow you after you finish it to help other people in your community and to be able to teach others and to among those Allah’s Lover as the prophet peace be upon him Said”

‘Uthman bin ‘Affan (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.”

Ijazah programme Duration ijazah

ijazah programe start from 4 months to a year in this time the Student

Online Ijazah Program 

As online service covers a lot of our needs, everything now can be done online, commercial or educational, as learners can learn Quran online also any one can have Ijazah online. There are many programs and plans to have Ijazah, many companies provide this online program.

What does Ijazah mean?

Ijazah means a certificate awarded to whom complete 

  1. Memorize Quran.
  2. The study of Quran.
  3. The study of Haith.
  4. Any other study related to Quran and Hadith.

There is an exam to test students to have this certificate, after having this certificate, they can work as Quran teacher to teach Quran. 

  • Memorize Quran 

  One of this certificate requirements is to finish memorizing Quran and know all the Quran Interpretation. Student is supposed to know every single story mentioned in Quran and understand meaning of words and everything related to Quran. 

  By memorizing the Quran, he / her will be tested to make sure he completed memorizing it and understanding it. 

  • Study of Quran

The Student must study all the Studies related to Quran, like Tajweed and Fiqh etc.

The student must know all rules of Tajweed and Tarteel. He / she must recite Quran with the right pronunciation.

  • Study of hadith

  The student must know sanad of hadith. After the student memorize Matn and Isnad to know Sanad of our prophet Muhammad. Sanad means the chain of speakers, that narrate Hadith who receive it from prophet Muhammad. So, from one narrator to another they narrate hadith in the name of Allah’s Messenger Muhammad. 

  • Any study related to Quran 

  To have such a certificate, Ijazah certificate needs fully understand of Quran Sciences such as Tajweed Science and Interpretation Science.  

Why people seek for Ijazah?

  1. To be known as Suhbat al Quran 

It is a great honor to have Ijazah and gain that title, Suhbat al Quran means who love Quran, who like to hear Quran, who recite it with Tarteel, who laugh when there is something tend to make Muslim laugh, who cry when Quran tends to be touchable, who learn the lessons from all stories in Quran, who do what Quran orders and do not do what Quran ban, who seek to make people memorize it and love to listen to, who apply anything any Quran, and finally who learn respect, loyalty, dignity, equality, rights and duties etc.

  • To recite Quran as it was revealed by Allah to our prophet Muhammed

All students who seek for Ijazah has a common aim which is to avoid mistakes while reading Quran. They do not just seek to avoid the common mistakes; they also are dying to avoid the implied mistakes too. They study the science of Tajweed to recite Quran very well in a manner that satisfies Allah. 

  • Have respect and a great position between people 

Students who have Ijazah gain peoples respect which enable them to advise people and convince others to convert to Islam, also to be qualified to teach others how to recite and memorize Quran. 

  • To promote in Jannah and have a great Manzilah” position”

Reciting Quran is a very great aim, every Muslim seek for. Then, the correct reading and pronunciation has a better reward in Jannah. The one who recite it and he is perfect in it with the right pronunciation and fully understanding is not like the one who has problem with it, the fluent one will be in the company of the noble and dutiful messenger-angels and the one who has trouble with Quran has two awards. 

  • Quran Ijazah qualify you to work

Many Muslims seek for having Ijazah Certificate to have a great job, high paid job, not in local currency but foreign currency like Dollar and Euro, they cannot have half of it in any other job. They can teach Muslims the Quran and help them to recite Quran correctly. 


Benefits of having Ijazah Online:

  As many Muslims seek to have Ijazah, they have some troubles and obstacles do not allow them to have it fast. Many students apply for having the Certificate but they have to wait till it’s their turn which needs long time somehow because the test of Ijazah needs one student, but online enables them to have it fast because when they apply for the test, they will know immediately the time and the teacher who can test them. 

  Also, many students complain about the distance in some areas which make them postpone it for another time, but online makes it very easy and fast, they could have it at home by skype for an example. In addition, if they are worker, they can have it anytime they ae free no worries about travel and appointments. 

Online program for Quran ijazah:

  • Recitation 

Online program provides you with a recitation session to your teacher according to your plan.

  • Trial 

Students can have a trial to check their levels at recitation and Tajweed.   

  • Free choice of teacher 

If the student wants a male Sheikh, it is possible. If she wants a female educator, Sheikha, it is possible too. 

  • Declaration 

After passing the test, you will have a declaration from the company or academy to declare your test pass.

  • Certificate

After finishing all the rounds and passing the tests, you will have a certificate.


Ijazah Types:

  1. Ijazah of Quran Memorization. 
  2. Ijazah of Quran Recitation.

Quran Memorization Ijazah is provided by completion of memorizing Quran to prove that you finished memorizing each Surah.

Quran Recitation Ijazah is provided by memorizing Quran and reading it with Tajweed.

So, now you can have your Quran Ijazah in any type you want at home, wherever you are and whatever you want. Online program provides you with many services you need, if you want free trial, you will have, if you want to choose your Sheikh, it is up to you too, if you want a certain type, also you will have, and finally and the most interesting part is if you want it very fast and immediately from the time you applied, you will have it as soon as possible because there are many options online and many teachers. 


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