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There is no doubt about the importance of Education and its role in life.  Education is being presented at schools, universities, institutes, online courses and in group classes as well.

Group classes have a variety of technique and benefits for students in learning more than schools and other places. Their benefits can be listed as follows:

First, breaking the ice is the most important advantage of learning in group classes. As we already know that most schools are crowded with a huge number of students and the quiet students lose their chance to express themselves and discuss their ideas. Unlike, the group classes are established to give the chance to those students to speak up. Also, these classes help the students develop their own characters and deal with other students from different cultures and with different skills.

Second, the atmosphere of group classes is completely different. The main purpose is to create a motivating atmosphere that helps students be productive, and achieve co-operative learning.

Students, in group classes, enhance their rational thinking and communication skills through discussion. This will help them improve their intellectual abilities and their educational level will definitely rise.

At most schools, group work is not applied and students have to work individually most of the time which does not help them improve and develop their learning and communication skills. Individual work may also lead to selfishness and conflict among students.

In group classes, students must work in a team with large projects to gain responsibility and trust. Group classes create the unity of students as they aim at the best for all and help them to practice different skills like decision-making, problem-solving, co-operative learning, team-work spirit, and negotiation. As we already know “two hands are better than one”, so learning in a group is more beneficial.

Third, the technique of learning in group classes is much better; for example, more time is given to each student to show his/her mistakes and his/her difficulties. Working in groups will make it easy for creative students to share their skills with others and feel appreciated and satisfied. Students enjoy more while learning and working in groups; they can even enjoy extra work under stress. Students’ ways of thinking turn to serve teamwork; thus they like to help each other, and they create a positive and good atmosphere to help themselves.

In conclusion, group classes are very important as it is a perfect way of learning. Group classes are considered an effective way of education and it raises the level of students and boosts their efforts.

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 Advanced Quran Reading in group

After we finish the Arabic language course, the students will be able to move forward towards advanced Quran reading. They will be able to read any sentence or verse in the Holy Quran. In this stage, we will learn the Quran by heart and memorize the Quranic verses. First, we will reach the deep meaning of each verse to be easy to memorize it. The students will recite the Quran in front of their teachers and other students.

Our scholars are professional and specialized in the science of the Quran and its Tafseer (Quran exegesis), and they have taught many foreign students. They are highly qualified and experienced.

As we already know, prayer is the main pillar of Islam and we should read some verses during it, so memorizing the Holy Quran is an act of worship in Islam. Students should know that while they are learning the Quran, they gain abundant reward from Allah for every verse they learn, memorize and recite. Their reward will be doubled when they teach Quran to other students.  

At the end of the stage, we make a competition among perfect readers and give them the chance to be known.

Our contact is suitable for all the students; if they want face to face teaching, or via phone or Skype.

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Beginning Quran Reading in A group

In the beginning, we will recognize the Arabic alphabets: letters and sounds, and how they are produced. Students will be able to read single Arabic words and some phrases in order to read the Quran easily. Qualified tutors will listen to each student and correct his/her mistake. Students will practice reading short Suras (chapters of the Holy Quran), they will learn how to read with Tajweed after learning the rules of Tajweed. They will also learn how to apply Tajweed rules on the verses of the Holy Quran.

Our class will be in a group of different people from different places and languages because we will present some differences in pronouncing some Arabic letters to find the correct pronunciation. Don’t forget it is just the beginning of our course.  Our course could be taught face to face, or via phone or Skype.

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Ijazah program

Before any student attends the course, our scholars test him/her because our course is presented in groups and all the students must be at the same level.

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Revert Courses

Converting to Islam is becoming widespread all over the world thanks to Allah. Those new reverts definitely need help. They need to learn all about Islam; its rituals acts of worship whether they are obligatory or voluntary. They need to know how to deal with their parents, members of family and friends who haven’t reverted to Islam. They also need support from the Muslim community, especially moral support. Revert courses are supposed to introduce great moral support to new reverts and help them strengthen their faith and cope with the new society they have just joined.   

They learn how to fast, what is the portion of zakah (paying alms), and are told about pilgrimage, its time, its obligatory steps and that they can do it when they have both financial and physical ability. We help them understand voluntary acts of worship such as Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and Sadaqa (charity). We also offer our students a comfortable environment to feel free to seek advice from our tutors on everyday issues such as engagement, marriage and how to adjust to our present society.

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