In the Name of Allah of Allah the Most Gracious Most Merciful

My name is Esraa Salah Gaber. I have twenty-two years old. I am under graduated. I am studying at Al-Azhar University in the Faculty of languages and simultaneous interpretation.

 I have conserved Al-Qur’an since I had eleven years old. I have started to conserve Al-Quraan since I have six years. I have studied one page from Al-Qur’ an and revised five pages every day. I have gotten a certification of conserving the whole of AL-Quran from Bajodah institution in Saudi Arabia at Mecca. I have gotten also many certifications in the proficiency of Tajwid rules, AL-Qaeda AL-Nurani and Nur Albian. I am a profession in teaching Qur’an, Tajwid rules and Al-Qaeda Al-Aurania for adult or children wither Arabic speaker or English speaker.

 I am also qualified in dealing with computers programs as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, videos, Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.