Abdulrahman Said Ali Ahmad

The name is Abdulrahman Said Ali Ahmad, my age is twenty-three years and my nationality is Egyptian. I live in Shabramant of Giza governorate. All stages of academic education were in The Institution of Al Azhar Alsharif, my academic qualification is the Bachelor degree (License) in English Language and Literature, Department of English Language and Literature with general grade “Very Good”.English Language and Literature with general grade “Very Good”.

My external educational activities are getting a general course of English language in MODLI and training in I Translate Group As for my expertise in the intended field, firstly, I memorized the entire Holy Quran in 2006 at an

age of 14 years. From 2007 till the recent time, I still work as a teacher for a small centre for memorizing The Holy Quran. In Al Safwa centre, we teach our children how to read and write words of The Quran then undertake of them till they complete memorizing the full Holy Quran.

Every year we organize an intensive cycle for memorizing the whole Quran in two months. Now I am close to obtaining Ijazah but I have not obtained it yet. I feel proud as long as I teach people the speech of Allah and hope to be rewarded by Allah in