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Quran Tutor 

Quran Tutor  Non-Muslims have regularly brought up this issue why Muslims are so conscious about the Quran, thus respectful towards it.  Quran isn’t merely just a book in Arabic that Muslims read and present; it is the complete guide for Muslims in how to live their lives, what will occur them after death, what will […]

Iqra for Kids

Iqra for Kids Guardians begin sending their kids at a young age to pre-schools and then to elementary school so on, for the objective of their children’s future – to achieve the maximum amount of knowledge data as they can. What about Iqra classes that are missing from lay schools? Iqra for kids is eventually as important as to […]

Quran Tajweed 

Quran Tajweed  Individuals who endeavour to learn the Quran are the luckiest individuals on the earth since they are trying to understand the most significant source of information in the entire universe in the expressions of the Creator of the world! That is the reason proper Tajweed is required while figuring out how to understand […]

Fiqh online

Fiqh online If you are thinking back at the time when you choose your shahada and turn into a Muslim, you probably felt both anxious and energized at the same time. Like the starting of any new project, embracing another faith identity can feel genuinely overwhelming from the beginning – there are vast numbers of […]